5 Downers For Jokers


1. People Think That Insulting You Is An Okay-Joke:

We can’t even count the many times people have called us names because no matter what your attitude towards life is, people will still end up looking at our physical appearance. Based on my own experience, those people who I am close with (and also those who I am not close with) call me fat because I have been seen as someone on the heavy side. Maybe one insult is okay, but sometimes repetitive insults can become a verbal abuse. What’s hard is that you end up just shrugging the insult off and try instead to agree with them. They’ll never know how many times you’ve murdered them in your head behind the indulgent smile.

2. You End Up With A Give-And-Give Relationship Instead Of Give-And-Take:

Let’s face it; we’re stuck with ourselves whenever we have problems. Our friends who have been comforted by our jokes become busy when we’re the ones who need the comforting. Uhm, can they not at least show some concern? They don’t even need to say anything but just listen! But I guess since we are a normally cheerful person and that we are seen as children of positive vibes, we are viewed as someone who can pick themselves up and just smile. Yes, because for that period of time we did not feel like life is fucking us up. Note the sarcasm.

3. People Forget That You’re Still Human:

We are not allowed to take a break from our cheery selves even when we are completely miserable. Yes, our friends did not impose the requirement of us looking happy all the time, but sometimes it feels like they did. They are not used to seeing us silent or crying and are usually freaked out. So instead of giving us a hug, they give us space – which is not what we need.

4. People Don’t Take You Seriously:

One time I went into class with an excuse letter in hand, noting that I was sick for two days so I wasn’t able to attend the classes on those dates. Guess what? My classmates (and even my teachers) doubted it. I mean, is getting sick not possible for me also? Most of the things we say become a joke to them even when we’re serious and so, we feel like we haven’t done much to earn their respect.

5. People Misunderstand Your Attitude:

Aggressive, loudmouth, unreliable/untrustworthy – we are often labelled by things that are not true. People begin thinking that all we’re good for is cracking up some jokes. We do not have the luxury of keeping a secret because people are afraid we might spill them out mistaking the secret for a joke. Don’t they know that we crave for all the simple things as they do? We are not as confident as we seem. Underneath all the quick-witted words, we still have insecurities – and they pile up every time we are misunderstood.

Yes, we are going to be judged by the things we say and the way we act. In the end though, no matter how draining it’ll be, we still love to hear other people laugh – especially when we’re the reason for it. There might be some downers, but as they say ‘there’s an upside for everything.’ Don’t ever change yourself based on what people want you to be. Know that there are also some who are willing to listen. Know that there are some people who learned how to laugh and smile because of you.