5 Easy Ways To Be A Bad Ass (Or Strong-Minded Individual Who Gets Stuff Done)


Everyone should strive to be a badass. Let me clarify, when I say a badass, I don’t mean a rude or exuberant rule breaker. I mean a confident and strong-minded individual who refuses to let someone or something stand between them and their goals. So how do you acquire the chops to become a badass; here are five immediate steps in the right direction

1. Stop talking and start doing

How many times have you told yourself that you’ll finally start hitting the gym daily? Or how often do you tell yourself you will set aside some “me time”, but you just never do? Resolve to prove to yourself that you can do more than just state what you want. State what you want and then go for it. If something is going to get in your way; refuse to let it be yourself. It’s simply impossible to be a badass if you’re standing in your own way.

2. Cut out the deadweight

Stand up for yourself and do not let anyone walk all over you. If there is someone or something holding you back from being the best you can be, remove it. Don’t let someone else’s idea of how you should act override the vision you have for yourself. YOU are unique. YOU are beautiful. YOU are in control and you are ever evolving. So don’t slow down the process by giving time and attention to what is weighing you down. Instead, surround yourself with enablers; the people, places and things that fuel your motivation and keep you focused on achieving your goals.

3. Share your story with only those who are worthy

In this day and age saturated by social media, we can easily and indiscriminately overshare the personal details of our lives. However, there’s nothing more powerful than keeping yourself a mystery until someone proves that they’re worthy of your confidences. Use discretion and value yourself enough to be picky about who you let into your life. BELIEVE that you deserve nothing but positivity and love and be open to the universe responding in kind.

4. Move it or lose it

Don’t like where you are? Leave. Don’t like how you feel? Change your lifestyle. It’s easy to forget who is in control of our choices, but as soon as you remember that you are the badass captain of your own journey called life, then you’ll quickly realize that you steer your ship and can navigate the rough seas that are sure to come on the pathway to your goals.

5. Accept failure

The baddest of badasses know that when they fall, they will get back up. It takes a lot of courage and resilience to learn from the fall and to return, if you must, to a situation that has knocked you down. So resolve to skip past the “I can’t do this” and go straight to the “I’m going to kick ass next time”.

So let the games of life begin! Just knowing you are up for the challenge proves your badass self is well on its way to taking up permanent residency in your life. Go for it!