5 Essential Life Tips For Every Girl In Their Twenties


Being in your twenties is a whole new world. This world is full of thrilling challenges, exciting opportunities, and new changes. While adulting comes with all sorts of perks, it also comes along with it’s own set of difficulties. To help you conquer this new adult life, I have come up with 5 tips every girl in their twenties needs to hear.

Always use pencil in your planner.

Whether you’re a college girl, a grad student, or a young professional, having a planner is a must. And using a pencil in said planner is the best way to keep track of everything going on in your busy life. However, despite how much we plan, meetings will be rescheduled, plans will change, people will cancel, and let’s be honest, there is nothing more aesthetically displeasing than a splotchy, inked up planner. (YES, I’M SPEAKING METAPHORICALLY HERE). Know that at this time in your life, plans can change in a moment, and we have to okay with it. Being mentally prepared for life’s unknown curveballs is better than having to take out your quill to draw giant, spiteful exes through your well-thought out plans.

Use a pencil, so if something goes awry, you can simply erase and re-write.

Make sure your goldfish has a godparent.

Speaking of plans going awry, sometimes the plans life throws our way don’t always include the cute little fur-ball that meets us at the door when we get home, or the scaly little lizard peeking out at us from behind its glass case. When we’re in our twenties, it’s common for jobs situations to change as we get settled into our new careers and moving is often in involved in such situations.

While making plans for this less than ideal possibility isn’t fun, you will be glad you did if and when this situation occurs.

Keep things simple.

Do you really need a fourth Michael Kors purse? A brand new car? Or the seventh pair of black dress pants (YES, THERE ARE FIFTY SHADES OF BLACK, OKAY!) I know it can be tempting to buy whatever the heck you want as that new, adult paycheck starts to roll in. However, there is no need to over complicate our lives with stuff that we may not be able to keep as life continues to change. What happens when we get married and now have to share that over-packed closet? What happens when we get laid off and can no longer afford those new car payments? It’s best to keep things simple.

Acquiring things will only lead us to become slaves to the new things we thought would make us happy. 

Forget the Joneses.

As a teenager, keeping up with the Joneses is something we have all gotten caught up in one time or another. However, this “keeping up with the Joneses” epidemic will leave us broke and unsatisfied as we start our adult lives. In our twenties, we have entered a life where our college friends all have new, different jobs (with various incomes), and our new friends and coworkers may be more established in life than we are. Don’t fall into the pressure of keeping up with them. How much they have, or what they choose to spend their money on, should have no effect on us.

Striving to keep up with them sets a bar for ourselves that may very well be unachievable.

Go to Church.

It can be difficult to navigate the ways of life without a good, solid support system backing you. Find a church that supports you, prays for you, and helps you grow in the Lord. While that previous sentence has a lot of “you’s” in there, we need to realize that going to church isn’t a one-way street. We need to be active, seeking out friendships to gain Christian community, while simultaneously inviting others to come with us. The church may seem like it has it all together on Sunday morning, but the truth is they are in desperate need of our help.

Being in your twenties is a beautiful time of your life.

Take a deep breath, girl. You’ve got this.