5 Everyday Things 20-Something Filipinos Worry About


1. Finances

I believe that there is only a small fraction of Filipino millennials — more particularly those in their early 20s — who are gifted with the ability to budget their hard-earned cash. When payday comes, all your expenses — regardless if you’re mandated to pay them or you’re just looking for something new to add to your closet — come in. How can some people manage to squeeze their wants in their list of needs?

2. Time management

Let’s face it — our generation has been notorious for not taking some time to roll the ball before winning the prize. Say for example, there are actually young Filipinos who want to be placed in a managerial position despite having less than two years of relevant work experience. Come on, dude. Those managers had their own fair-share of hard work which was built using their accumulated overtime work and frequent scolding from their bosses before reaching that position. Maybe it’s about time we follow that norm.

3. Self-growth

I’ve been hearing this almost every time. Most young and aspiring Filipino millennials are in the search for self-growth, not realizing that that growth will actually emanate from themselves. Sometimes, we are searching for change when it has always been embedded in us. If we all want self-growth, we need to change… and change starts when we’re already willing to accept it.

4. Priorities

I saw this very eye-catching quote from one of the accounts I follow on Instagram (I actually reposted it).

It said, “I have to be successful because I like expensive things.” This sentence practically says everything about this generation — sometimes, we’re working for the sake of having whatever it is that we want, not for the sake of living. What makes choices hard to make is our inability to discern our priorities despite that all our priority cards are laid on the table. Now, all we have to do is to practice making our priorities actually THE priority to make sound decisions.

5. Convenience vs Career growth

Our generation is marked by the transition from in-house workers to freelancers. I am not saying that considering multiple freelance work is not hard work in itself — it actually is. However, some millennials are caught between choosing what’s most convenient to them given the tons of things they want to do aside from paying the bills or bringing home the bacon, or the hard work they can get after reaching the career they want. Besides, how does having multiple specializations actually make you a specialist?