5 Fears All College Seniors Will Understand


1. Not being able to find a job

You just spent tens of thousands of dollars on a degree with the expectation that it’ll help you secure a job. With state of the job market and the increasing amount of college graduates, how do people find jobs these days? Sure, you can always fall back on working at a restaurant but that would feel like the last four years were a waste.

2. Having no money

If you can’t find a job, how will you make money? If you don’t have money, how will you pay rent? Or buy food? Or do anything? This isn’t even a matter of having no money, it’s a matter of having less than no money. That debt? Yeah, you’re going to need to start paying that back somehow. Begging on the street and becoming a freegan is the last resort.

3. Being a failure

Again, you have a degree and can’t find a job. “Hey! I haven’t seen you for ages! What are you doing nowadays? Oh, you work at McDonalds? I thought you graduated last year? You did graduate last year? Oh.” No one expects to graduate and then end up not being better off. There’s the possibility of going back to college and doing post-grad but that’s more time and money (money you don’t have, remember?)

4. Losing your college friends

You just spent four years making friends and now you’ll all probably end up in different places. Will you have time to see each other? If you have a big group of friends, getting everyone in the same place is hard enough in college and it just gets harder once you’re all living in the real world.

5. Not being able to handle the real world

The real world is working 9-5, paying rent, paying bills, and not staying out partying until 2am multiple nights a week. You used to skip classes when you were tired or just didn’t feel like going but you can’t just skip a day of work when you feel like it. Life becomes incredibly mundane in a very short amount of time, and you’ll constantly miss your college days.