5 Fun Ways More Sex At Home Improves Your Performance At Work


Research shows that people who have more sex at home with their partner are more successful at work and do better in their careers. There are lots of ways that sex makes life better. But in your career, sex can actually help you succeed, get promoted and make more money.

1. You get more promotions.

Having sex on a regular basis leads to more frequent promotions at work. Workers who have more sex are happier, healthier and make the upward climb on the ladder of success faster.

2. You’re more productive.

More sex at home can lead to a three times greater output in productivity at work. Having sex at least once a week means you’re getting more done. More output at work means you get noticed, feel accomplished and your work is more satisfying.

3. You make more money.

Simply put, more sex equals more money. A recent study showed that people who have frequent sex are happier and have higher self-esteem. They also have better reasoning skills and lower levels of depression. These combined factors makes them more successful at work, and, as a result, they earn at least four times a week more than those who had less sex.

4. You’re less stressed out.

Sex relieves stress and and boosts your immune system, which leads to fewer sick days! And orgasms? They release life-proloning hormones—oxytocin and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)—and brain chemicals. ALL of these health benefits help with #1, #2 and #3.

5. You have MORE sex.

Yes, that’s right. The more sex you have, the more successful you are. The more successful you are, the more sex you have. It’s a win-win! Also, bonus for all you entrepreneurs out there: a recent survey of entrepreneurs found that 14 percent are having more sex than other people.

These five great motivators are reason enough to have more sex. Sex can make you more successful at work, healthier and happier. These are awesome reasons to increase the passion and intimacy in your relationship TODAY.

This post originally appeared at YourTango.