5 Genius Ways To Kindle Your Creativity


There are times where we just feel stuck and need a creativity boost. In fact, being more creative allows our mind to be happier and healthier. It’s not our fault that we are sometimes unable to produce any great ideas, or we are just trapped by our unconventional thoughts.

Whether it’s for work, a personal project or just for leisure, we need to be more creative. Creativity can mean anything, from putting together an entire outfit accordingly to coming up with new ideas for a blog post.

Personally, when coming up with new ideas, I often struggle to find something commendable. Here are some of my favorite most effective ways to being more creative. Try one of these for a creativity boost:

1. Sleep early 

As we all know, sleep is very important, as we need it to keep alive. We need sleep to heal, revitalize and it builds and reorganizes our brain cells! Sleeping helps us introduce new thoughts and sometimes have inspiring dreams. When was the time last you slept 2 hours before your usual sleep time? Try it tonight; sleep 2 hours before your normal sleep time and you will notice a difference in wakening. 

2. Exercise physically and mentally

Just as we need exercise for our body to stay in shape, our brains need exercise too.  Our brain is a muscle just like any other muscle in our body. Exercise your brain by learning new things, reading, and having debates on passionate topics. Reading and learning new things allows us to make new connections and associate new things, which will result into a creativity boost.

3. Social media

Social media has become very popular and is extensively used for inspiration. Hashtags; messages identified within keywords, are used to find a particular collection. Pinterest and Tumblr are great social networking sites that are filled with inspiration and ideas posted by fellow social media friends. Spend a few minutes browsing through various sites within these platforms using keywords.

4. Use your imagination 

With so many technologies and distractions around us, we’ve stopped using our wild imaginations and our day dreaming habits have seized. When was the last time you let your mind wander and thought of something wild and unreal? Silent your phone and zone out for a few minutes, envision your future or something you’re into. Let random thoughts flow through your mind.

5. Association Game

Try connecting the unconnected. Put different things together. This one is my favorite exercise. I combine random phrases and words to make a new meaning. Play with a friend, call out random words and try to find an association to that word. (E.g. the object, pencil and the word, calculator, try to formulate new ideas with those different objects).