5 Giant Secrets Real Couples Actually Kept From Their Significant Other


No matter how much we love our other half, there’s things we just can’t tell them. Relationships are supposed to be all about honesty, but sometimes, life gets in the way.

Whether it’s money or legal worries or a man from the past, some of the couples surveyed had some doozies they’ve kept quiet!

1. Naughty dreams

I don’t think we’ve kept big secrets. There have been shopping trips when I didn’t disclose the total bill or times when he saved up money to surprise me with a gift (this was a secret, because our money goes into one account). There have been dreams I’ve kept from him, and I’m sure he’s kept some from me. It’s something you can’t control, so why tell your husband that you spent the night with Gerard Butler?

2. Legal worries

I see no reason to involve him in my drama or stress him out with stuff that’s not his problem. I probably can’t take that attitude once we’re actually married, but for now, our bank accounts are separate and our freak-outs about them should be as well.

3. Salaries

When we started living with each other, I lied about my monthly income so that I had a little cushion for shopping. When we recently bought our house, he found out and I had to come clean.  He was good about, it but I shouldn’t have lied.  

4. The past

There isn’t too much — lots of birthday secret surprises, parties and gifts — nothing too crazy or exciting. The most scandalous thing is that I still talk to my ex: the BIG one before the hubby came along. I think my spouse would hit the roof if he found out.

5. Infidelity

His biggest secret was his cheating on me. But mine was that I hid how bad our financial state really was, until the car got repo’d and he thought it was stolen and I had to explain, “ummm, nope.” (I would think cheating and money would be the two biggest lies you find out about!)

This post originally appeared at YourTango.