5 Great Names For An Indie Rock Band


1. Gluten Allergy

Gluten Allergy wasn’t always allergic to gluten. “Oh god, I used to eat so much pasta and drink a lot of beer,” The lead singer, Savannah, confessed to me over a plate of air. “But I would usually either poop my pants after or vomit, so I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with celiac disease.” Adjusting to life without food, Savannah had a lot of time on her hands which eventually led to her forming Gluten Allergy. Besides being inspired by her battle with celiac disease, their music is clearly sparked by Savannah’s obsession with serial killers, astrology, and the ocean floor. Their EP, No Wheat In This Land, will be released in April on No Summer Bummer Records.

2. The Bisexuals

The Bisexuals are a group of attractive young men who met during their undergrad at Sarah Lawrence College. Luca, the lead singer, even does the occasional modeling gig for Uniqlo and is also the son of the famous painter, Julius Shmarten. They all live in Bushwick where they craft their infectious pop songs about love lost and making out in wheelbarrows.

3. Summer Forever

Summer Forever is a band based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their first LP, I Miss Summer So Much Seriously, was inspired by a particularly brutal Michigan winter. Their lead singer, Skye, would just hole up in her bedroom and daydream about palm trees and parasailing while writing haikus in her notebook. A short time later, her and a few friends made a Myspace music page and had a photoshoot before they had even recorded a single song. No matter though! An A & R exec was so impressed by their Polaroids that he signed them immediately.  “I just like to be warm,” Skye told me over bites of a watermelon salad. “Because my heart is usually cold.”

4. Dykes On Bikes

“I was living in Olympia at the time working at an organic co-op,” Dykes on Bikes lead guitarist Zoe told me while we went thrifting. “And I met Moonshadow. She came in to buy poppy seeds so she could make opium tea and I just was like struck by her creative energy. So we went back to my apartment and had sex for 36 hours. Occasionally we would take a break to drink some opium tea and record songs on GarageBand, not thinking anything of it. Before we knew it, we were being flown out to SXSW and doing a photo shoot next to a giant vagina for Bust!” They describe their music as “Two lesbians having lots of feelings with a hint of Slayer thrown in for good measure.”

5. Triplet Drama

Triplet Drama was born from a case of mistaken identity. “Our mother was a crack whore who gave birth to all three of us in some dingy hospital in Kentucky,” Tony told me. “The doctor made a mistake and we all got switched around. I was the only one who actually ended up going home with our mom! The others landed in the hands of strangers. Mom was so disoriented that she didn’t question it when she was only given one baby to take home instead of three.” The triplets, who were named Tony, Toni, Tone after their mother’s favorite R & B group, all reunited as teenagers where they met in a high school cafeteria. “It was so weird!” Toni exclaims. “Here were two people who looked exactly like me!” Remarkably, it took the triplets a few weeks to realize they were actually related. (“I mean, we looked alike, but I dunno. I was really stoned in high school…”) Shortly after realizing they were indeed triplets, the trio started working on a batch of alt-country tunes which caught the immediate attention of Pitchfork. “Our songs are mostly about being separated at birth and feeling alone as a triplet. I think that’s why our music has resonated with people so much. We just make songs that are very relatable.”

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