5 Hilarious Scenes From Otherwise Serious Movies


Be it the juxtaposition to more serious subject matter, the accentuated irony, or the lack of comedic expectations, it’s sometimes the more serious film and television shows that pack the biggest punch lines. In honor of that last sentence, here are some hilarious scenes from recent dramatic classics. Feel free to add your own in the ‘mments.

1. Good Will Hunting – Interview


In which Chuckie fills in for Will during an interview, exhibiting a negotiating savvy that never has (nor probably never will) see the light of day again. You gotta respect the commitment to the baseball socks.

2. Silver Linings Playbook – At The Diner


Watching this without knowing anything about the movie, and you’d probably have no idea that Silver Linings Playbook is as serious a film as it actually is. There are a number of funny scenes, so much so that Silver Linings probably skews closer to a dramedy, and probably contradicts the title of this article.

This is probably the first time ever the headline of an internet article wasn’t completely honest, so my apologies.

3. The Departed – IN DA MASH!


This gets me every time. Reminds me of a high school coach yelling at the team, with the entire team trying as had as they possibly can not to laugh. You gotta love an angry Jack Nicholson.

4. There Will Be Blood – Restaurant Scene


Oil Tycoon Daniel Plainview has the sense of humor of a seven month old dishtowel. But in this scene, he … lets loose? Basic bros be dying over this.

5. Pulp Fiction – “I Shot Marvin In The Face”


This plays out like an impossibly dark episode of Seinfeld. Total Geroge Constanza Move, if George was a hitman.