5 Honest Reasons Why We Like Netflix More Than People


We all love Netflix. Even if you don’t personally have a Netflix account, you probably love using someone else’s.

People are great and all, but Netflix really gets you:

1. It’s Always There For You

It can be difficult to get all of your best friends in one room together. It takes weeks of coordinating people’s schedules and making the plans. Who needs that kind of hassle? With Netflix, all of your favorite people are in one place. Want to catch up with Leslie Knope, Francis Underwood, Ross and Rachel, or the gals of Orange Is The New Black? They’re all on Netflix! Literally all the time! 2am? They’re there. Good luck getting all of your friends in your apartment at 2am.

2. It’s Done When You’re Done

One of the best parts of Netflix is that you can just shut it off when you’re ready to be done with it. Good luck turning your annoying neighbor off when they want to talk about the weather.

3. You Can Sleep Without Being Rude

Not to mention, you can fall asleep while watching Netflix and it doesn’t get offended. If you fall asleep while with other humans, you’re either putting yourself in a dangerous situation, or they’ll be confused as to why you can’t stay awake.

4.  It Doesn’t Judge

Let’s be honest, Netflix has seen you at your worst. It’s seen you wearing nothing but sweatpants with Cheeto dust sprinkled in your hair while you eat questionable Chinese leftovers. But Netflix doesn’t care! Netflix loves you for you. People close to you may love you unconditionally, but John Mulaney’s standup special will always be there for you when you’ve hit rock bottom.

5. It’s Got Your Back

Another great thing about Netflix is that it’s always checking in on you. After a few episodes it’ll ask how you’re doing and see if you want to take a break.  Maybe you could get a drink or some snacks and then come back and keep watching. Netflix just wants to make sure you’re comfortable. People on the other hand don’t particularly care how you’re doing. Maybe if you look particularly ill they’ll ask how you’re doing. But other than that, strangers won’t typically check in to see how you’re doing.

If you can get through this article and still adamantly believe that people are better than Netflix then good for you. But I think it’s pretty clear that for the majority of us, Netflix will always be our favorite person.