5 Horrible Habits On Pinterest That You Might Be Guilty Of Doing


I would like to say first that I love Pinterest. I love how easy it is to find recipes, outfit ideas, and general inspiration for almost anything. I spend a serious amount of time on Pinterest because it is pretty handy and generally amusing, and I get bored easily at work. That being said, Pinterest can also be a place of horrible things.

1. The “Americanisation” of all recipes

Which basically means that everything is turned into a casserole. Why does a meatball casserole exist? I don’t get it. Meatballs are supposed to be baked in the oven or in a pot of sauce, and then served on spaghetti. On the topic of meatballs, I once saw a recipe for meatball casserole on Pinterest that listed mayo as an ingredient for making meatballs. This pretty much sums up the worst of Pinterest’s food and recipe offerings. Excuse me while I go barf all over my kitchen.

2. Ridiculously overly made up makeup tutorials

Especially ones that include #daytonight. An orange face and blue eyeliner is not day to night and your false hashtagging is clogging up the search function on Pinterest. Why do you have to ruin it for the rest of us? This is why we can’t have nice work-appropriate eyeshadow tutorials, because I have to sift through 100 smokey-eye-fake-eyelashes-with-two-inch-thick-eyeliner looks to get to it.

3. Pins of quotes, which are then put on boards dedicated to quotes

Why do people spend their time pinning these? After you have spent hours curating your ~Inspirational Quotes~ board, are you then going to take time out of your day looking at all of those pins telling you to seize the day and be adventurous? I feel like this is a lot to ask of what is essentially a collection of pretty bookmark.

Bookmarks don’t change lives, or personalities for that matter. How about instead of pinning lines from literary classics and the Dalai Lama’s twitter, you just read things in their entirety, as they were meant to be consumed? Because if we’re being completely honest, when you favorite a pin of that F. Scott Fitzgerald line about chaotic women, then you are merely proving that you are about as chaotic as my dad’s sock drawer.

4. “Designer brands for cheap” pins

I hate this in any context but especially on Pinterest. Here is some immigrant wisdom from my nonna – if you want nice things then you should save up your money so that you can pay for nice things. And I am not talking “Urban Outfitters” nice which is in fact garbage masquerading as nice things because it is over-priced, trendy and rips off actual designers and artists. I am talking about quality leather handbags and well-made shoes.

If you want nice things, save up your money and buy nice thing and then treat them well because you had to work for these nice things and you should respect them enough to make these items last. And besides that, who even still believes that these links aren’t scams? Have we learned nothing from the Nigerian prince days? These pins need to stop taking up space on the popular page.

5. THE WORST OFFENDERS: any pin ever that uses books as some kind of throwaway craft item

If you have ever posted anything where you desecrate a book to make some piece of shit DIY craft then you are not fit to walk this earth. Crafts using book pages to make ornaments, to make picture frames, to cover your old shoes with book pages so you can then walk and step in shit with someone’s written life’s work on the bottom of your feet because you think you are being some kind of shabby chic trendy – you should be ashamed of yourself.

Books should be treasured. If you do not love the book you are thinking about cutting up so that you can have some stupid dust collecting letter decoration shelved in between some sweaters then please for the love of god sell it or gift it or donate it to a library or something so that it can be in the home of someone who appreciates it. If you respect yourself, respect your books.

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