5 Iggy Azalea Internet Feuds That Are More Shocking Than Her Beef With Papa John’s


An extremely unexpected twist occurred this past Grammy Sunday. No, this isn’t about Beck upsetting Beyonce for album of the year. This event took place a couple of hours before the show. Rapper Iggy Azalea-who is no stranger to internet feuds-went after the don of deep dish himself, Papa John. A Papa John’s delivery driver allegedly gave out Iggy’s personal number to his sister, without permission. You can view the exchange via Iggy’s Twitter. While Iggy vs a pizza company may seem like one of the stranger beefs to hit the rap community, here are five other strange Iggy beefs you’ve probably never heard of*.

Iggy vs. Outback

Iggy vs. Sea World

Iggy vs. Dish Network

Iggy vs. AT&T

 Iggy vs. Whole Foods

*because they haven’t actually happened…yet.