5 Intriguing Reasons Being A Morning Person Is Sexy


Waking up in the morning can seem like hell but I can assure you that being a morning person adds to your attractiveness level. If you’re a morning person then chances are you have these qualities. If you aren’t a morning person and want to be one, here are a few benefits that come along with it.

1. Strong decision maker

Strong decision-making is a skill that comes about by practice. Anyone who chooses to wake up before they feel like it shows that they value logic over emotion. We live in a world where everything is so fast paced with a ton of options that appeal to our emotions. Too many options leads to paralysis by analysis and mulling over how we will feel when picking one thing over another. Decisive people are in high demand and low supply. Hone in on your decision-making skills by setting that alarm clock just a few minutes earlier.

2. Inspired and passionate

When you don’t have anything to look forward to there isn’t a rush to wake up. Some of the most inspired and passionate people wake up early because they don’t want to waste time. They realize that being awake and chasing their passions is actually more exciting than sleeping in. How does this relate to attraction and sexiness? Simple. Because if you find a person who is passionate about you, they will always make the time.

3. Great with prioritization

Prioritization is a lost art. When you wake up in the morning you have so many factors going against you. You’re tired, your muscles are stiff, you can’t see, and the list goes on. Morning people have the ability to ignore negative factors in order to increase their productivity. Having someone who can help you prioritize your life when things seem to be going to sh*t is a beautiful attribute.

4. Always a step ahead 

Waking up fifteen minutes earlier each morning will add almost two more waking hours to your week. You can’t neglect the element of competition you have at your job, in your classroom, in athletics, etc. so waking up a bit earlier has huge benefits. Morning people understand that they have the ability to get ahead of the pack just by adding more time to their day. From a man’s perspective, we love when women have a competitive side. Instead of focusing on competing with others, compete with the person you were yesterday and win. What you view as small steps of improvement, others will view as huge leaps and will want to be around you even more.

5. Less stressed

When you’re a morning person you wake up with the intent to get things done. Organization and preparation is key because you understand that your morning is the foundation for your day. Morning people can usually coast through the rest of the day by early afternoon if they choose. Being around someone who is stress free is a great feeling because that vibe rubs off on you. You don’t feel the need to rush and you can relax and be in the moment.

Thought of the week: Don’t be average, do something with your life.