5 Little Pick-Me-Ups For When Life Lets You Down


1. Take a small step at a time.

When you feel like you could not go on, when continuing on with your journey feels like a challenge, when waking up in the morning is a daunting struggle, sometimes it is just as simple as taking another step. Wake up in the morning and relish the sunlight in your face. Focus on the task at hand and keep your wild wandering thoughts at a distance. Just live for the moment and believe that the right pieces will align together and the future will be okay.

2. Let go of old lingering hurt.

Embrace your emotions. Be in tune with what you are feeling. Change what you can and constantly seek to improve. However it is just as important to accept what you cannot change. Do not remain chained to the past for it is your past for a reason. Let go of imperfection and go with the flow. Too many times we get too fixated with how life should or should not be. This job should be mine. He should not have broken my heart. I cannot believe this is happening to me. Acknowledge what happened and understand that life is not always fair.

3. Live in the now.

We can choose to be forever altered by the past tragedies or we can rise above them and do not let them affect us. We can always be haunted by the ghosts of yesterday, tortured by the worries of tomorrow or we can just be content in living today. Be amazed by life miracles, be taken away by nature beauty, be in awe by how vast our universe is and be in loved with how collectively, we are so much more. Believe that the past does not define us and we are not our mistakes.

4. Bask in positivity.

Good vibes attract good things. No matter how dark or dreary the road get, there have always been better things ahead. If you feel that life has stole your smile and ruined your chance at happiness, if you feel disillusioned that you deserve to be happy, if you feel restricted and could not see past your loss, just remember that things happen for a reason. And while you cannot see it now, you will. Think of how you survived it all. And you will again.

5. Fall in love with your life.

Accept that bad things happen to good people. It is a fact of life and while you have no control over what happened, you are the creator of your destiny. The protagonist to your story. You are the main lead in your life and not a mere secondary character or a minor extra. And you should act like one. Dress like one. Treat yourself as one. Validate your unhappiness and understand why you are feeling a certain way. Value your opinion and let your voice be heard. Do not waste your life wishing that you were someone else. For you my dear, are amazing and magnificent.

Like the ocean, free and unrestrained.
Like the flowers, beautiful and wild.
Like the mountains, ancient and unyielding.
The greatest mistake you can do is to believe otherwise.