5 Little Reminders To Never Give Up On Your Dreams


1. There’s no better time than now.

Go and chase your dreams because no matter how big they are, you deserve them. They are made for you. Whether it’s owning a big mansion, travelling the whole world, doing that certain profession, or leaving a job because you want to pursue your real passion, go. Seize the ladder that takes you to your dreams. There are daunting voices that dissuade you from moving forward, but I’m telling you, dreams are not about achievements where you please everybody else.

Dreams may be something that can hurt your family, your friends, but dear, even men in the Bible compromised earthly possessions just to pursue what they were made to do. You just have to prove them it’s worth the risk.

2. Having dreams doesn’t make you selfish.

You’re not thinking of impressive achievements only for yourself, are you? Don’t deem it selfish because at the first place, you just want to be the person that can inspire others, make your family proud, and show people of how everything is possible. You may be dreaming of being a billionaire and it’s never wrong unless your means of achieving it should trouble lives and your motive is to make others drool of the bed of roses you’ll lay in. Set in your heart that following your visions is equal to letting people see the glory and goodness of God.

3. Remember that dreams are not dreams if they are easy to reach.

Setbacks are inevitable because believe it or not, they are vital steps that you have to take in reaching success. They are vital because they fortify your capacity to carry that prodigious vision once it’s in your hand. They are vital because they make succes taste even sweeter. Everything that can dim the way can be turned into lights along the path because they shall symbolize the wisdom you have used to defeat despair.

4. Don’t forget that in the wake of every failure you must still have faith.

You need to have faith that God is with you through the ordeal—faith that doesn’t assume winning in just a blink, but faith that you can win if you put your trust in Him and let Him guide you through it all. Miracles are not just about instant happenings, they are also about something within you. Something that surprises you as you have fought a good fight despite all the struggles—and it’s because you prayerfully faced the battle.

You need to have faith in the people who love you, whom you will absorb strength from as you carry on. You have to be humble enough to know that you’re just a human that needs a love that empowers, love that conquers fear. You need to have faith in yourself because it’s only you who can spur the determination to go. It’s only you who can decide to either balk or take the risk.

5. You are being equipped with weapons and wisdom right now.

Even if you’re just in bed or sitting on the couch reading this, it’s already in the process and you’re just the missing component. Right this moment you’re perusing words that I believe are galvanizing your will and putting a hint of smile on your face. You start to realize again that it’s possible. Yes, it’s possible to achieve what you have envisaged a long time ago—a picture where you’re on that summit of success; a picture where you could finally say, “I have finished the race. I have reached the end.”

What are you waiting for? Go and chase your dreams because a lot of people long to witness you prove that nothing is impossible.