5 Little Things You Should Always Appreciate (No Matter How Terrible Of A Day You’re Having)


Rain on a hot day.

You are at home on a hot day even the AC is not working out for you. It’s a stressful week, you look to the amount of work piled on your desk and you have to catch up. Everything seems like it is going wrong for you till, you look out at your window and the sudden droplets of rain that fall creating a faint sound on the ground/window pane and suddenly you feel at ease. The weather is a little better even if it means hours of procrastination of catching up on your TV series with a mug of hot chocolate.

You are who you want to be not ought to be.

I admit, even I do give in to peer pressure at times and I often question myself “is this what I really want or rather am I just giving in?” people around us might have an idea or image of who they thought we would be. Often, we find ourselves going for things that are the opposite of what we are currently doing in our lives and we make the people around us question us “are you sure you truly want this?” then we sit back and reflect “do I really? It is a huge risk I am taking.”

And so, you find ways to sort out your clouded thoughts and then you realise that hey, you don’t have to be what people think you should be or what they think is best for you.

You know yourself well and even trying something that is completely foreign is perfectly okay because the effort of trying is enough to tell you that the experience you obtained from trying is something that nobody would be able to experience themselves because we are all different in our own ways. Risks are thrilling yet uncertain but that’s why some risks are worth taking because you only have experiences to gain.

You have a family.

All of us come from different families and perhaps, some of our friends are family to us. The sense of belonging. Often, we are too busy looking for happiness and the sense of belonging that we tend to forget the people closest to us and we take their time for granted and sometimes, our time too. They are always there, although not physically but spiritually and mentally.

We always claim to be too busy for them or too tired when we get home from work but how much time are we actually spending with them? They are a home to us. They provide us with whatever they can to fill up that void of happiness and emptiness and for a while, we feel infinite even if it doesn’t last. Even if our family is not with us now, they will always be in our hearts and that is something that you cannot replace with.

Hot showers.

Ever felt the need for one when you are dead tired and you just want to come home and relax under a hot steamy shower? How about your aching body when all you want to do is just relax? How about the times you spent secretly crying in them so you would not have the need to explain yourself why you are?

They are comforting. Just like warm hugs. They are like your best friends at times because suddenly you feel like you are a fantastic singer that even Elton John cannot beat your vocals. Although, your friends think otherwise. They are always supportive of your deep thoughts and take you to another level of discovery and you feel like you have got the world discovered. They make you feel motivated to love yourself because self-care is always important even if it means washing yourself.


A moment of solitude. We even take our time for granted. We always search to do for something and forget that we, ourselves need some time alone. Some self-love. We think eating alone is awkward. Shopping. Toilet breaks. But why have we come to a stage that we think being alone is not okay? That we always think we have to fill up that empty seat or accommodation?
Being alone is okay and no, it does not make you seem like a weirdo that does not have friends that constantly search for boogers to name so that you can add to your collection.

Self-love is important. Go to a bookstore alone. Shopping. Eating. Being comfortable in your own skin makes you feel even more confident in yourself.

Every moment of solitude gives you an opportunity to discover something new about yourself and ideas to bring to the world. Love yourself because it will help you understand how to love others better. Love yourself.