5 Magick Symbols Every Witch Should Use In Their Practice


Symbols of power are used all over the world. They are a visual embodiment of an energy that develops deep within, and are charged with complex beliefs and intentions.

Whether it is the hallmark of a faith or the logo of a sports team, symbols are meant to conjure belief in something bigger.

When it comes to witchcraft, symbols are used to add power to your practice. These symbols are magic in and of themselves, making them a simple but strong tool to include in your workings.

These 5 magick symbols are some of the most common and the most useful for every witch.

1. Elemental Symbols


The element of air is connected to the East and the color yellow. It is valuable in workings that have to do with clarity and understanding. If you feel there is something you’re not seeing or need help in finding your way, the air symbol will aid you in clearing the path. It is also a fantastic ally in communication, both with other people and the other side.



The element of fire is connected to the South and the color red. There are many uses for the symbol of this element such as purifying, creating new opportunities, and gaining courage. Whenever there is something you feel must be burned away from you, this symbol is where you should look. Fire has a raw power that will make you feel unstoppable.



The element of water is connected to the West and the color blue. The water symbol is extremely useful in areas where emotion is concerned. Whether you are attempting to keep your emotions restrained or set them free, this symbol can help. Water is a symbol of divine feminine energy. It is also valuable in workings of love toward other people and love toward yourself. Use the water symbol to help you reflect on things and then to heal.



The element of earth is connected to the North and the color green. Earth will help you to better communicate with Mother Earth and nature. This symbol is good for keeping yourself firmly grounded with a clear head. As the earth gives sustenance, so will this symbol. Use it to call prosperity to your life. The earth symbol brings fertility in a variety of ways. It provides a solid foundation for you to build upon, never crumbling.


2. The Triple Moon

The triple moon symbol is tied to the divine feminine energy of the moon and the goddess. It is often used to represent the goddess and her three aspects, which represent the three stages of womanhood. The waxing moon represents the Maiden. She is youth and fertility and rejuvenation. The full moon represents the Mother. She is fertility and nurturing and power. The waxing moon represents the Crone. She is sophistication and wisdom and understanding. This symbol in all showcases the full cycle of life and death.


3. The Pentagram

The pentagram (also called a pentacle when a circle is drawn around it) is a star that represents the five elements. These elements are air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. A pentagram is often used by witches on their altar to do spell work on top of. Because it represents all of the elements of nature, it holds the power of the universe. The pentagram can also be used for protection. A charm bearing this symbol makes for a powerful shield against unwelcome energies. Every witch should have a pentagram in their collection.


4. The Triquetra

The triquetra, also known as the triple knot, is a Celtic symbol that is used to show certain aspects of unity. Many witches use the triquetra as another three-fold symbol to represent the goddess and her aspects. Others relate the triquetra to the three interconnected parts of ourselves being mind, body, and soul. This symbol can be used to tie things together, keeping them as one.


5. The Seven Pointed Star

The seven pointed star (also called the faery star or the elven star) has many uses and meanings associated with it. The seven points of the star can represent the days of the week or the elements. It can be used in planetary magic. It is incredibly common among witches who follow a faery path, using this symbol as a representation of that realm. It can be used as a protective shield or a point of focus in meditation. The seven pointed star is like the pentagram but expanded, and can be used along with it in your craft. As seductive as it may be, like all things with faery magic, you should always take care in using it.