5 Micro-Resolutions For Anyone Who Feels Like Change Is Completely Impossible


Slow and steady wins the race. It is maintenance and perseverance that are the true keys to success. It is not just about getting there it is about staying there. The brightest lights can burn out the fastest. Micro- resolutions and small changes may seem, simply small and unimportant compared to bigger long-term goals. However, it is those small changes that will make the world of a difference. Anyone can get lucky, yet it is those who can prove they’re worth that actually matter. It seems minor in the grand schemes of it- but it is true what they say it is genuinely the little things that matter.

Wake Up An Hour Earlier And Go To Bed An Hour Earlier

Do not underestimate the power of sleep. Even when I force myself to be productive and wake up earlier if I did not have enough sleep it is a waste. All the coffee in the world can not make up for a well-rested mind. This resolution seems to be extremely simple, but trust me it is easier said than done. There are only so many hours in the day by learning how to master a functional sleep schedule, it can literally change the whole outcome of your day.

Start Writing Things Down

I know pen and paper is really outdated in 2019. I personally type things quickly out on my notes on the iPhone. It may just be on my phone, however, just having it in writing makes it feel much more serious. What is said is vanished in thin air, what is written is forever.

On a more emotional note- it can also be a good idea to write about your feelings or thoughts. Whether you would like to write about your day to day life in a journal, your dreams, or just even your raw emotions. Sometimes it can be scary to say things out loud or share your most intimate thoughts to someone. However, there is something quite beautiful about having these thoughts written just for yourself.  It doesn’t need to be for anyone else but you- I have been doing this for years.

It is extremely rewarding and satisfying to read some of these thoughts, I have had at that time and reflect on that moment and how far I have come from that. Sometimes you can not tell people what you are feeling yet at least if you can tell yourself – that is all that really matters.

Try Something New Once A Month

It can be something small like trying a new work-out class or exploring a city you have never been to before. I very much do not like change, however, you never know what you can like unless you try it. We do not have all the time in the world to take risks, but without any risks, there would be no rewards.

If you aren’t much of a risk-taker bringing a friend along may help you. The sheer motivation of someone else being there with you will make it less likely for you to quit.

Up Your Health Regime

I do not love the term “self-care” for lack of a better word- it just feels basic. Yet it is extremely important to take care of yourself. It is not just about appearance, it is about health. It may seem superficial, but looking good will make you feel good. Whether it can be progress is seen at the gym, your diet, skincare routine, or your mind when you read a good book.

Taking this time to take care of yourself is not frivolous it is absolutely necessary. Trust me, this can be a lot of work. I could spend all day primping myself like it was my day job. You do not need to spend an extra 3 hours getting ready, however, you might benefit from using an SPF and protecting your skin from the sun- just a thought.

Say What Is On Your Mind

Secrets are the silent killer. I spent a long time in denial and not sharing my truth. I made a lot of compromises and sacrifices for other people. Slowly but surely my silence started to kill me. When you are withholding something – it may not exactly be lying but it’s not honest either. Eventually, you will realize bottled up emotions is not worth it.

Most people can not speak their mind, because they are scared of what others may think. Spoiler alert nobody cares that much about you. 

I promise you nobody thinks about you as much as you think they do… and if they do they need to get their own life. The secret to the best year possible is not caring about what other people think. Do what you want, go for what you want, be with who you want. Your life is not about impressing or pleasing other people. Your life is for you, not them.