5 People Who Should Replace Miranda In ‘Sex And The City 3’


Sex and the City ended its TV run ten years ago with Big and Carrie romantically reuniting in Paris. Many re-runs and two movies later, Sarah Jessica Parker and SATC executive producer Michael Patrick King are hinting at the idea of the the four gals reuniting for the third time on the big screen. The only problem with Parker and King’s vision is that for the moment Cynthia Nixon (Miranda, duh) is not interested in being part of the project.

In SATC II, the plot for Miranda’s character was based around the fact that her boss was not treating her the way she wanted to be treated. Like in SATC I where Miranda’s big plot was her relationship with Steve, in SATC II Miranda’s problems and the problems of the other characters are resolved at the end. The big questions that fans of the series and movies have been asking themselves since the news of a possible third movie are: Does the story need to be continued? What would the series be without Miranda?

The plot of SATC has always revolved around Carrie and her relationships with men and her friends. Would a movie without the character of Miranda be the worst thing to happen to the SATC franchise? Probably not. Miranda had a happy ending in the show and the movies, so her story could be left as is. I think its pretty safe to say that SATC II did not have the best plot. For the third movie, why not pay attention to past characters who were fan favorites?

Here are my picks for Miranda replacements.



Louise was one of the best parts of SATC I. With her savvy shopping, love for labels and belief that true love was out there, she was able to remind us and Carrie that we must keep hope alive. Plus, wouldn’t a Jennifer Hudson musical number be amazing?

Enid Frick

How could anyone forget about Carrie’s Vogue editor Enid? She was ballsy, honest, funny and had a messy love life (as seen in “Plus One Is the Loneliest Number,” in which she runs away from her married lover).

We never learned whether Enid found love or if she remained single forever. Plus, Enid’s inclusion would  provide for more fashion moments in the movie — as a Vogue editor Enid must have an amazing closet, maybe even better than Carrie’s.

Stanford Blatch

Stanford was basically already part of the group, but never got the attention he deserved. His character had some of the best one liners, and I’m sure we all want to know how his marriage with Anthony is going (especially since for most of the series they were not exactly fond of each other).

Maria Diega Reyes

Remember Samantha’s first lesbian girlfriend? Maria was an artist, whose genius and sensuality attracted Samantha. After Samantha and Maria broke up because of Samantha’s constant need for sex, we never saw or heard of Maria again.

It would make for a very interesting plot twist if Maria came back into Samantha’s life, as in the last movie Samantha was still the same as always: unmarried and horny.

Bitsy Von Muffling

Bitsy was always a puzzle to the the girls as they believed her marriage to Bobby Fine was a farce, since they always presumed he was gay. Her character was just as flamboyant as Fine’s and could provide the much-need comedic relief which often came from Miranda.

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