5 Perfect Reasons The Gym Is The Best Rebound You’ll Have After Any Breakup


When a relationship ends, most women gravitate toward their bed and those tear-jerking Taylor Swift throwbacks. But sometimes we need to build ourselves back up from the outside, in. Get him out of your system by dripping sweat, not tears. When you work on yourself and build your physical strength, your emotional strength follows.

We tend to instinctively look to another relationship to fill the void, a “rebound guy,” if you will. But have you ever considered that “Gym” could be far more fulfilling. Here are a few reasons why he should be your new man.

He’s a great distraction.

There’s nothing like blasting your favorite song while doing your crunches, running, squat jumps, etc. It really does make you feel on top of the world. And whenever you’re down in the dumps, this kind of high is there for you at all hours, (depending on your membership stipulations).

He’s empowering.

There’s no better feeling than being able to beat your stair-master record or do a more intensive ab workout than you ever thought you could do, without breaking a sweat. As your physical ability improves with Gym, as does your confidence. You may still feel weak on the inside, but your core muscles sure as hell won’t.

He’ll never do you wrong.

Sure he may leave you sore the next day, but that’s nothing compared to heartbreak. Lying in bed for hours with hot Cheetos and donut holes is depressing. Gym will never make you feel that way.

He’ll make your ex want you back.

Now, I’m not at all for the “revenge bod” mentality. I believe your new abs and bubble butt should be for yourself and no one else. And chances are a rockin’ bod won’t fix things… but it sure doesn’t hurt when he wants what he can’t have.

He’ll let you take it all out on him.

Not very many rebound guys are going to want put up with baggage from your ex. But if your Gym has a punching bag, he will. Get all the crazy out so the next guy doesn’t have to deal with it.

Gym will build back up your confidence. He’s going to be there with his floor length mirrors showing you all your best (newly toned) angles. You’ll shed your fat and before long the excess emotional weight from your ex will disappear too.