5 Perfect Reasons We Absolutely Can’t Wait Till Fall


Nestled between hot, sweaty Summer and freezing cold Winter is the perfect middle child Fall.

While Summer has only Independence Day as a major holiday and Winter is jam packed with copious celebrations, Fall has fun holidays that require no ostentatious decorations, cheesy costumes and basically allows you to relax.

Aside from Halloween and Thanksgiving, there’s a reason basic bitches (and all bitches, for that matter) look forward to Fall all year round. And no, one of the reasons do not include taking pictures in pumpkin patches.

1. It’s football season.

Whether you’re playing fantasy or are donned head to toe in your favorite team’s colors, one thing is for certain: with fall comes football, and with football comes a hell of a lot fun. This comes in the form of watch parties, tailgating, and a whole lot of smack talking.

Even if you don’t know much about the sport, it’s hard not to get feed off of the excitement from numerous sports fans – it’s infectious. It’s a common love for something that frankly is too damn exciting to ignore. It’s like Hunger Games, except there is no Jennifer Lawrence and nobody dies.

Football may bring a lot of rivalries, but it also brings a lot of comradery with it as well. Friends, family and coworkers all gather together for one cause: the love of the game. And, also to hopefully watch their team beat the sh*t out of the opposing team.

2. There are Oktoberfests.

Starting as early as late September, breweries nationwide and around the globe will be celebrating the Munich originated Oktoberfest.

This includes tap takeovers from German breweries such as Spaten, delicious food such as snitchel and plenty of partying.

It’s simply the American thing to do: dress up in German lederhosen or dirndl, chug beer out of a boot, and do the Chicken Dance. Oktoberfest is the only socially acceptable time of the year to dance like poultry, so take advantage of it.

3. There will be cooler weather.

Fall weather allows you to temporarily ditch those flip flops and sundresses for boots, scarves and cute jackets. Also because of this cooler weather, you’re not stuck sweating walking your dog or grabbing the mail. Cooler weather also equals better hair weather.

I hail from South Florida where it is summer all year round, but as soon as the temperature drops to 75 degrees, you can find me well equipped with boots and long sleeve dresses like it’s Fall in NYC. No shame.

4. One word: Halloween.

As quoted by pre-cocaine Lindsey Lohan in “Mean Girls”, “Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girl can say anything about it.” Since fall is the perfect weather pre-snow, skimpy costumes could be the way to go.

Not comfortable baring your skin? Try shooting for something more relevant, such as trending topics, upcoming movies or newsworthy events.

Something that happens only every few years, this Halloween will be especially entertaining due to politics. Dress up like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or any other presidential candidate. Even Caitlyn Jenner has a costume out.

5. Lots and lots of holiday food.

Attention, basic bitches: fall food means pumpkin flavors, and these flavors mean the introduction to the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Aside from one of Starbucks most profitable caffeinated drink is other fall food, such as Thanksgiving themed meals and cinnamon-nutmeg based goodness.

Sure, you can eat cranberries, yams, stuffing and turkey all year round, but what’s the fun in that? There’s something particularly nostalgic about eating certain meals at a specific time of year consecutively.

Not to mention, summer is also over so you can sport sweatpants and not a bikini after binge eating.