5 Personality Traits The Guy I Date Must Possess


Attractive women everywhere can relate. When you are a 7 or above on the looks scale, it’s hard not to fall subject to the pressure of dating someone who is as sexy, if not sexier than you are, and the pressure won’t stop there!

Once you agree to date a 7+ guy, you then have to constantly maintain your look, or even work harder to make yourself a higher number. This means dressing right, looking acceptable to his friends, working out, eating healthy, not to mention constant trips to the salon! But, what about the attractive girls who don’t want to deal with the superficiality? The girls who will settle for a 5, if you’d even call it settling. Yes, I’d date a 5, but if I had to date a 5, they’d have to possess these other outstanding attributes.

1. Humor – rolling-on-the-floor style

Make me laugh, and make me laugh often. Too many attractive guys lack substance, and when it comes to making a real joke, forget about it. I don’t want to use my pity laugh on a regular basis. I want to feel good when I’m around you. Make me laugh with you, and not at you. A guy with a great sense of humor paired with a contagious laugh/ smile can make any girl melt. And when it comes time to meet my friends, they’ll know exactly why I love you.

2. Patience – put up with me

No one wants to date a guy — or girl, for that matter (I’m sure men can relate) — who is more into themselves than into you. I want someone who cares about my well-being, as I expect to do the same for him. And, as a woman, yes I’m going to have mood swings. I’m going to PMS, get angry, and even a little jealous. But I’m looking for that guy who is understanding, and doesn’t just run to the closest hot blonde because I’m not catering to him that moment.

3.  Passion – love what you do, or at least act like it

The guy I want to date is truly interested in what he does for a living — and if he isn’t he makes it clear from the get-go that he is going to work hard to make his dream a reality. He does not want me coming home every day to complain about my job, and I don’t want him doing that either. Love what you do, or find something to love — yes that could be a hobby as well.

4. Flexibility – no, not physically

Guys, get your mind out of the gutter. I don’t mean someone who can do advanced yoga moves, or teach me insane positions in the bedroom (which is okay every once in a while too). I’m talking about someone who makes time for me, and if he can’t he makes it up to me. Plan something a few weeks in advance, and even when you have to work, send me loving text messages, and call me to wish me a good night.

5. Spontaneity – surprises, surprises, and more surprises

”I don’t think there is anything worse than being ordinary.”  — Angela Hayes, American Beauty (1999)

Don’t be complacent. No, I don’t always want to stay home, and no I don’t want to the same tired bar over and over again. Switch things up. Grab tickets to a show I mentioned, place my favorite flower across my pillow, or suggest we go skydiving. It’s the best way to catch a girl’s attention, and leave her wanting more.

Yes, I’ve dated a 5, but if I added his “looks rating” to his “personality score,” he would have been an 8 because he met the requirements above. I’m not alone in this movement. All men need is a little confidence and compassion, and they’ll get further with 7+ women than they may think.

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