5 Places Where You Should Never Be On Your Phone


I am consistently appalled when seeing someone on their phone instead of interacting with the person next to them or enjoying the scenery. Apparently, you are allowed to stare at your phone while you are out to dinner. This is socially acceptable now. Fine.

There are some spaces that should remain sacred. These should be the cell-phone-free corners of the world, places where it is always inappropriate, unnecessary, pointless to be looking at, talking on, texting with or even holding a phone.

1. The Stop Light

You see the yellow switch to red and immediately reach for your phone. You are pathetic. You unlock your phone, open the app and get to whatever twenty-second distraction you stumble upon, you are unaware of the light changing to green and the car behind you is honking. Try Patience. Try Waiting. Try watching the light turn and promoting harmony among drivers and in traffic patterns.

2. The Locker Room

After finishing your workout, you peel off your sports bra and start stuffing it into your gym bag when you remember something you need to text your mom. She responds right away and you get into a bit of an exchange. You are now standing naked in a public place, in fluorescent lighting, with a sweaty butt, completely absorbed in your phone. You look dumb. Please concentrate on the task at hand. Leave your phone in your purse while you get ready for the day.

3. The Spa

You hear the ambient music and calm voices. You change into a terry cloth robe and plastic sandals. You rest your feet on the lounge chair. Holding chamomile tea in one hand and dialing your friend’s number with the other. Come on, lady. Not talking on your phone at a spa goes in the common sense department. Quit fearing silence and stillness. Give your phone and yourself a rest.

4. The Public Restroom

You are standing at the urinal and whip out your…iPhone. Seriously, dude? You have your private part in one hand and your phone in the other. Pretty weird and unhygienic. No one wants a mid-piss text from you. And don’t you dare comment on my vacation photos while taking your sweet time, sitting in the stall. I’m begging you to keep your phone in your pocket while doing your business.

5. The Outdoors

You are on a hike or having a picnic at the park. You notice something beautiful. You feel an urge to capture the moment with a photo or a braggy status. Stop. The point is to be outside. A bird’s song, the smell of a grill, flowers opening in a garden. You will miss these tiny treasures of life when you are caught up in the imaginary world inside of a screen. There is this awe-inspiring, gigantic thing surrounding you all the time. It’s called the sky. Look up and enjoy.