5 Possible Storylines For The Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel


If you haven’t already heard, a sequel to the smash hit Mrs. Doubtfire is in the works. The biggest question is surround the plot. What on earth will the storyline be twenty years after a man dressed up like an old woman in order to break a restraining order and spy on his family? Here are eight highly unlikely, but possibly plots for the new film.

1. They Get Another Divorce

Daniel Hillard is up to his old antics once again. After another petting zoo party that, for some reason, still features “Jump Around” by House of Pain as the exclusive soundtrack, Miranda kicks him out. Once again he gets old lady prosthetics and becomes his family’s housekeeper. They all know it’s him but no one has the heart to tell him. It’s even worse because his kids are all adults now. Eventually they just get bored of the charade and let him come back so he’ll stop embarrassing himself.


2. The Expendables-Style

Mrs. Doubtfire is back, but he’s not alone. She’s not alone? Whatever. Just like how The Expendables brought back all the old actions stars into one awesome movie, The Doubtfireables will do that with costumed comedy stars. Big Momma from Big Momma’s House? Check. The Nutty Professor is there along with all of the Klumps. The Wayans are there as White Chicks. You’ve got them all. But what brought all of these heavyweight stars together? One common enemy: MADEA! It’s “HELLLOOOOO!” vs “Heller?”


3. Post Traumatic Maid Syndrome

You may remember the Chris, the son, played by Matthew Lawrence. In the sequel he’s haunted by nightmares of Mrs. Doubtfire and is terrified by every elderly woman in fear of them actually being his father. He’s hit some hard times with the recession and now the only job available is at a nursing home. Can he overcome the childhood fear instilled in him by his father to take the job and make enough money to get out of the shelter? We shall see.


4. Mrs. Doubtfire: Crime Fighter

The FBI has been investigating a drug cartel for years. They know this is the source of most of the world’s illegal drugs, but they have to be able to get inside and get physical proof. After months of waiting for the right moment, an opportunity has finally opened up. The cartel needs a new maid. Unfortunately none of the agents have any experience in housekeeping and they can’t take a chance on bringing in a little old lady. That only leaves one option….Agent Doubtfire!


5. The Family Turns The Tables On Daniel

What if, instead of Robin Williams dressing as an old woman to fool his family, the whole family dresses up as old women and infiltrates every part of his life? His new elderly barber? His son. His elderly accountant that just took over his finances? His wife. Daniel thinks he’s going insane because everyone he sees reminds him of his family, so he eventually kills himself. It’s a dark ending. 

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