5 Pros and Cons Of Being The Ugly Girl


My whole life I’ve known I’m not beautiful. It’s not just that I have low self-esteem, it’s just a fact. I’ve gotten used to it over the years and come to accept it. What’s the point of worrying about something you can’t change right? There are times when it’s a great thing…. And there are times when it really sucks.


1. No one takes pictures with or of the Ugly Girl. I have friends who are super into taking selfies and I know every time they see our other friends, because they post a million pictures on facebook in an hour. I can go sometimes years without anyone taking my picture and let me tell you, it is great not having to worry about it. Selfie pressure= off.

2. Everyone has low expectations of your appearance. When you do bother to put a little make up on or dress extra nice people who see you frequently will often compliment you on it. Taking an extra 5 minutes to add eye shadow when you usually only wear mascara can really pay off.

3. You don’t feel any pressure to keep up with what’s in style, and are more concerned about just being comfortable in your clothes. There’s no point sacrificing comfort to try to look like all these gorgeous models when you know that no matter what, you will never look like them.

4. People seem more comfortable around you. It’s easy to be too intimidated to go talk to a stranger when they’re stunningly gorgeous. I have never had a problem meeting new people or making friends, because people know they can just talk to me. I’m a normal person, not a muse.

5. Once you accept that you are who you are, and that you can’t change it, you will be so happy. It is far more important to be a good kind person than it is to be a good looking person. As long as you surround yourself with people who understand that, your life will be gorgeous.


1. No one takes pictures with or of the Ugly Girl. While this is most of the time a great blessing, it can also hurt. Your friends will take selfies with each other right in front of you and act like you aren’t there. At family reunions people will be taking pictures of everyone… but somehow you’ll be left out of all of them. In this crazy social media obsessed society we are becoming, this can be a real downer. Just remember, at least this way you don’t have to be horrified when you see the pictures later.

2. People will say hurtful things. Most of the time they are joking, just trying to have fun. You won’t find it funny when the whole room is laughing about how big your nose is. If you happen to get in a fight with anyone ever (which let’s face it, is bound to happen sometime) they will likely throw some nasty insults your way. Just shake it off. Again, you can’t help how you look.

3. You won’t want to do things that most people are proud to do. For example, I did not have prom pictures, senior picture, or Maternity pictures. I haven’t had pictures of myself done professionally since I was a child. I was so proud and happy pregnant, I loved showing my bump off to everyone, all the time. I even wanted to get professional maternity pictures taken… in theory. When it came down to it though I did not want to put myself through the mental anguish of trying to look like someone I’m not. I decided to skip the whole thing, and now I wish fervently that I had not. My beautiful baby bump is already fading into a distant memory.

4. Every time you see an extraordinarily beautiful woman it will hurt you. It’s a reminder of what you “should” look like, and of how different you are. It will make you feel out of place, sometimes worthless. Our society is so vain and appearance driven how could it not? I actively avoid reading magazines or looking at make-up ads for too long. Why torture yourself?

5. The struggle is real. The best way I’ve learned to deal with it is to do your best to just not care. Just don’t. Our society is broken, it’s falling apart, and it’s wrong. There is no reason to compare yourself to other people or to have a standard you feel like you have to live up to. Global warming, starvation, war. Those are the issues. Not who wore what, not who’s the prettiest, not what you look like. I know this. Some of you know this. The whole world needs to know it too.

Just live your life. Enjoy it. Take it slow. And don’t give a FUCK what people think.