5 Questions For People Who Hate Mondays


Honestly, I never understand why people hate Mondays. Yes, it marks the beginning of the week in which we all must drag ourselves to the office or campus or school or wherever it is you go to work, but so what? It doesn’t make the day worse than any other. So here’s a list of questions I’d like to ask people who hate Mondays (meaning everyone) so that they would ponder within themselves and perhaps give the day some slack:

1. When you were in grade school, or just school in general, isn’t the first day of school the most exciting day of the year? You haven’t gotten the burden of work yet, and shouldn’t you still be highly motivated?

2. Keeping the first question in mind, I do find that I encounter the worst traffic jams on Monday morning, filled with people trying to get to work (public transport, people; they’re here for a reason). Isn’t that a sign that people ARE somewhat enthused to go to the first day of work? So why aren’t YOU?

3. Weekends are so overrated. I mean, how many people actually party their asses off on Saturday night and wake up with the world’s biggest hangover on Sunday morning, while greeted with a breakfast in bed served by singing Parakeets and a Victoria’s Secret Angel? Doesn’t it feel nice to finally get yo’ lazy bum off the couch and do something productive?

4. Honestly, I have a better alternative for a day to get pissed on relentlessly to: Wednesday. It’s far away from the last weekend, so you’re pretty much exhausted by this time, and it’s far away from the next weekend, so you can’t be excited about lazy-ing off the day just yet. You’re just stuck there in the middle of the workdays like an idiot. Um. This one’s more of a statement than a question.

5. Hating on the first day of the workweek will, in turn, set off your mood the entire time because you’re injecting negative energy (yes, I said energy) into the performing of your job. So why not start your week with a good vibe and stop hating on poor ol’ Monday?