5 Questions To Ask Yourself When You’re Trying To Conquer Your Quarter-Life Crisis


1. What’s on top of my list?

This is where you have to gradually say goodbye to those fun drinking-til-5-in-the-morning times and say hello to more adult responsibilities. Because let’s face it, we are not getting any younger. This is where things have to be a little bit more serious. It’s where time has to be managed and life has to be more balanced. Knowing – and sticking to – your priorities would help you stop freaking out about the idea that you’re running out of time and that you may not be able to achieve the goals you have always set for yourself. Determine your goals, then set up things that you should do in order to attain them. Give yourself your own due date and try your best to meet all your deadlines.

2. How strong can I get?

Failure will somehow be your nemesis as you go through a quarter-life crisis and it’s inevitable. Failure – in almost every aspect – will happen. This may be failure in possibly your most serious relationship, in your career, or in life. This is the time where you start to doubt everything you do because you care so much about what other people would possibly think about your every move. No matter how determined you are to just set your foot up to that last flight of the stairs of success, you will always come across failure at some point – and that is totally fine. So instead of treating failure as your worst enemy, start looking at it as your best friend. Use every adversity as your fuel to work even harder. Pause and see how strong you get after going through each difficult time and you’ll get to realize how every failure is worth it.

3. What makes me happy – like really?

This is the part in our life when we’re not sure what makes us happy anymore – or whether the happiness is even genuine at all. It’s so important to get to know what really makes you happy because this is a point in your life where everything seems to be just overwhelming. It doesn’t always have to be something grand. Sometimes we try so hard we start to forget how small things actually matter too. Know what makes you really happy, and give yourself a break and indulge yourself in that happiness.

4. What else am I capable of?

We start to think that we have nowhere to go, or that it’s too late to try something new – it’s not. Stop thinking that you’re gonna be stuck in that job you know you hate for the rest of your life. You’re just getting started. This is the perfect time to know yourself even better, deeper. It’s the perfect time to hone your passion, to do what you want. Doing something new and bold can help you be even more motivated, and being motivated will surely help you keep your own sanity as you go through a quarter-life crisis.

5. Why am I even so worried?

Because really, why? Why do we have to be so fucking worried about how our life is doing? Being at this age should be the most fun and exciting. This is the time when we’re still a little clueless about what will happen, but this is also the time when we’re wise enough to know and accept that that’s how life is. As long as you know what you want in the long run, you’ll be just fine. There’s nothing more beautiful than enjoying every bit of your 20s. It’s just a matter of changing your perspectives. Let go of your fears, and start to actually live.