5 Quick And Easy Ways to Immediately Brighten Up Your Day


When I was in college, I never needed anything to “brighten up my day”. Why you ask? Well, because it was all just fucking awesome. Doing my hair was even exciting. While I’d be running my iron through each strand of my hair, my best friend would be blasting music in the next room, while the other one would be pouring shots for us downstairs. Each of us, rushing each other so we would have enough time to get sufficiently drunk before even getting on the bus to go to the bars. Life was really hard.

After my post college depression finally wore off and I could finally think clearly again, I realized there really are ways to brighten up our dull, repetitive and uneventful “real world” lives. These are fast, easy ways and they work. Trust me.

1. Work out

I don’t care if it is literally 10 minutes on the treadmill and you are counting down every single minute until you are done. Sweating, even just a little, works wonders.

2. Text your mom, your dad, sister, brother, best friend, other best friend

Who ever the hell it may be, just text them saying that you love them. Just say it, it takes 30 seconds and their response will make you smile, and probably laugh too.

3. Eat an apple

Aside from it being packed with disease fighting antioxidants, chewing an apple stimulates the production of saliva in your mouth, which can reduce tooth decay and make your teeth whiter, who doesn’t want that?

4. Write down one attribute about yourself that are thankful for

Whether it be your ass that won’t quit, your smile, hair, eyebrows, triceps, biceps, anything. Just write it down. You will feel better. If you want to get a little crazy and write down more than one, you have my blessing.

5. Watch an episode of Friends

I know it sounds silly, but trust me, you won’t regret it. You will laugh, a lot. But most importantly, you will be reminded of all the good things in life, like good friends and good coffee…