5 Realizations You Have When Entering Your Final Year Of College


College is a great time. There is no denying that. But the world outside of college is definitely intriguing and scary as hell. I have made tons of memories with some people I will never forget, but also a ton of people I will forget the day after I remember them. Between classes, parties, and binge watching shows, there are things that you never think about while you are in your freshman, sophomore, or junior year. So, here is a list of thoughts you have when you come to the sudden realization that you are entering your senior year of college.

1. I have to become a functioning person in a mere ten months

When the hell did this happen? You mean I actually have to be a fully responsible human being after I graduate? This came to me as I found out my family already booked their hotel for graduation weekend. I am going to have to get my shit together and find a job? Is this some sort of sick joke? I am not entirely sure how these three years flew before my eyes, but at the end of this one, I will be a functioning adult thrust into society and expected to find success. Awesome. 

2. Ramen and random items in your fridge are not considered a real meal

I have gotten pretty used to functioning on leftovers and ramen for three meals a day, but in the real world, that is not a reality. I am going to have to eat breakfast to sustain myself until my lunch break, and then pack myself a normal lunch to bring to work, then get home and make my own dinner. And none of this can be ramen or leftover pizza my roommate left in the fridge for four days? Blasphemy

3. I can’t go into work wearing pajamas from the night before

I have gotten pretty used to waking up fifteen minutes before class, throwing on the nearest sweatshirt, grabbing a granola bar and coffee to go, and booking it to class. This is the usual for me and most other students (you can never really trust those people who show up to an 8am class looking pristine). Making yourself look presentable is a key aspect to keeping your day job out in the real world, so that so that will be a rough adjustment.  

4. Happy Hour is a hangout

The definition of Happy Hour in college is getting as drunk as you can for as little money as you can before going out. It is a great time! Everyone is pounding back half-priced beers or discounted fishbowls, but that just isn’t the idea anymore! It is sad, I know that, but Happy Hour functions as an after work drink (maybe two) with coworkers before heading home. Say goodbye to getting wasted from 6-9 before you go out to a real bar or party. 

5. The sudden realization that you’re entering the real world

The real world will be cruel and tough, that is obvious. You will no longer be coddled when you are out of money, late on rent, or desperate for real food in your fridge. You will probably start out on the bottom of the ladder at your job and you may be given a bunch of shit before you gain any real respect in your work place. But everything the real world throws at you will be worth it in the long run. 

These realizations might be pretty overwhelming at first, but the world outside of the bubble that is college will be so much more amazing. Yes, you will struggle to find jobs, apartments, and friendships, but the struggle is the price we all have to pay to end up truly happy and successful. Those four years of a fake existence in college are preparing you for the real world outside of the classroom.