5 Reasons A Drummer Boyfriend Is What You Need In Your Life


Whether you’re looking to play the field or hoping to have a passionate love affair, dating someone who marches to the beat of his own drum has some major perks. From his incredibly focused drive when it comes to giving his music a voice to the way that he’ll use your love story as inspiration for songs, there are countless benefits to forming a connection with this talented maestro.

If you need further convincing, here are a few reasons why a drummer will rock your world.

1. They’re leaders, not followers.

People often mistakenly think that because the drummer usually sits in the back of the stage, this automatically indicates that his role in the band isn’t as important as the other musicians’. Ladies, this sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth!

Without the drummer’s sharp and precise cues keeping everyone on beat, it’d be difficult for his bandmates to maintain a steady rhythm; this means that everyone follows his lead. If a guy who knows how to take charge and when to let go of the reins is a turn on for you, you should consider giving this MVP a chance.

2. They’re brainiacs.

Professor Ullen of the Karolinska Institute conducted an experimentin order to determine whether a link existed between a drummer’s performance skills and intelligence, stating that “[t]he rhythmic accuracy in brain activity that is observed when a person maintains a steady beat is also important to the problem-solving capacities measured with the intelligence tests.”

Participants were instructed to play the drums at a specific pace and were then given an exam which would analyze their problem-solving skills. The results of this test proved his theory right; those who played expertly had a higher IQ than their peers. Not only is your potential honey a total pro at his craft, he’s also incredibly brilliant. Looks like brainy really is the new sexy!

3. They’re tough.

According to a recent study by Robin Dunbar, a psychologist at the University of Oxford, drummers produce more endorphins while performing than their fellow musicians’. This intriguing experiment measured the pain tolerance of four distinct groups — drummers, musicians who work as sale clerks at a music store, dancers and classical music listeners — through the use of music; the drummers were instructed to perform (while everyone else simply had to listen to the music) and then have pressure applied to their arms until they experienced discomfort.

Not only did researchers find that drumming produced a feeling akin to an adrenaline rush (which tied into their tolerance), they also noted a positive increase in mood. A guy who stays strong under pressure and can make the best out of a stressful situation? Could there be a better catch?

4. They have the stamina of a football team.

…No, really! BBC News reported that Chichester University’s Dr. Marcus Smith compared the endurance of a drummer on tour to that of a football player in a game. Using legendary drummer Clem Burke (from the hit band Blondie) as a test subject, Smith actually studied the rockstar’s heart rate and oxygen levels before, during, and after his performances over a period of 8 years!

He went on to say that “[drummers’] fitness levels need to be outstanding — through monitoring Clem’s performance in controlled conditions, we have been able to map the extraordinary stamina required by professional drummers.” It doesn’t come as a surprise that playing the drums for hours on end builds stamina. That level of endurance will certainly come in handy for more naughty activities.

5. They’re great lovers.

Drummers are known for their impressive coordination and intense finger control techniques. He keeps the rhythm for a living, meaning that he knows exactly when to pull out all the stops — on stage and in the bedroom. Although it won’t take much effort for this tempo master to find your pleasure spots, he’ll feel naturally inclined to make sure that you’re putty in his firm hands.

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This post originally appeared at YourTango.