5 Reasons Best Friends Are Just As Important As Boyfriends



Sometimes, girls just forget the oft-quoted wisdom: chicks before dicks. Those words exist for a reason people! Girls throw the term best friend around like it’s going out of style. But your best friend is, in some ways, the most important person in your life. So it’s time to remind people of that; here are the top 5 reasons best friends are just as important as boyfriends:

1. They’re not going to come into your life, and then disappear.

Unless you’re one of those get married straight out high school girls, you’re probably going to have a revolving door of boyfriends while you’re in your early 20’s. They may be your SO for two months or two years, but the point is while their presence in your life is a question mark, your best friend’s is a constant. She’s been there for you through all the weird stuff. She has laughed with you at the creepy old men, been your wingman when she could have gone home with someone that night, and made plans for the wedding when you thought you found the one. This bitch is ride or die! You couldn’t get rid of her if you wanted to!

2. You can tell them everything, you don’t want to scare your boyfriend away, yet!

Your best friend knows about that weird old guy you kinda think is cute, about that plan you have to dress up like a bum and say crazy things on the street of a major city, and about that time you kissed a girl and questioned your sexuality. She knows the embarrassing shit, like when you hid under a table, because you were too scared to talk to your middle school crush. She knows of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. She knows about your abusive dad, your fear of commitment, and your addiction to 90’s era Britney Spears music.

3. You know for sure they don’t like you for your boobs.

You should be relatively sure that she’s not in it for your rack. I mean even if she’s a lesbian, in which case kudos to you for being an ally, your friendship isn’t based on the fact that she thinks you’re hot. If it was, she wouldn’t have stuck around this long not getting any. On the other hand, it’s a known fact that guys have a tendency to date girls for their bodies. Be glad you won’t ever have to question your best friend’s motives.

4. They’re your soul sister, no boyfriend can or should trump that.

Your best friend is your sister from another mister. In the terminology of Grey’s Anatomy, she’s “your person”. She understands you at a deeper level than most. You guys give each other looks across the room and know exactly what the other is thinking. It’s like you guys have some kind of friendship telepathy!

5. When you dump your boyfriend, because he cheated on you with your sister, she’s there to pick up the pieces, just like she always has been.

There aren’t very many sure things in this world, but one of the few is that if your boyfriend acts like an asshole she will always pick your side, and pick some ice cream up for comfort eating. If it can’t wait until morning, she will come over at 2 AM, and listen to you rant about him for an hour. Because no matter what happens, you’ve always got each other.