5 Reasons Eloping In Las Vegas Was The Best Choice For Me


1. No stress.

Sorry moms, relatives, friends, etc. Sometimes you make things worse. Too many cooks in the kitchen can ruin any event. The mother of the bride can become just as bridezilla-like in cases and friends and family that think they are helping are just stressing you and everyone else out. Personally I don’t give a fuck about centerpieces, or bouquets, or making my friends wear matching outfits. For what? Something that will be over in 20 minutes? To have the “perfect” photograph? No thanks, that’s an inevitable conflict I’m alright with avoiding.

2. You don’t have to plan ahead.

For those of you that loathe plans, you can literally fly in, take a cab to the courthouse that is open all hours, fill out the paperwork, look up a wedding chapel in the phonebook and make one call. Some places even take walk-ins.

3. It’s cheaper than most weddings.

  • I bought a dress from the back of an African hair shop that also had prom dresses. Yes, it was weird and awesome and the dress was only $40.
  • The suit was $200.
  • Airfare was $500 and hotel was $69/night for 3 nights.
  • The paperwork was cheap and the wedding itself cost $150.
  • $24 to bet with. (2 rolls of quarters and 2 rolls of nickels for slots) kept us afloat for 4 days. We lost it all but that’s part of the fun.
  • A few free buffet meals, a $10 steak dinner at the Chinese restaurant up the strip, cab fare, and you’re good to go. You do the math. (This also includes honeymoon.)

4. It’s romantic.

No one else knowing is awesome. It’s the ultimate secret and makes the adventure so much sweeter.

5. After you tie the knot you’re still in Vegas.

Instant honeymoon. You’ll spend the rest of your days flash-backing to the awesome trip anytime you hear a slot machine.