5 Reasons Falling In Love & Getting Your Heart Broken Is A Good Thing


I know that falling in love is definitely one of the greatest things that could ever happen to someone. Those days when you feel like floating high in the air and thinking that you are the happiest person ever to live because your love is requited by the person you choose to love. But it is transforms into a crooked nightmare that leaves you crying to sleep, losing appetite, and loathing yourself for whatever might have caused your broken heart. But the truth is, even heart broken by love has lessons to teach; Lessons that one would have not learned unless his/her heart gets tricked and distorted by the overrated idea of love.

1. You appreciate other forms of love

They often say that love is blind. Well, it practically is. Love at one point makes you blind in a sense that you forget to look at other things happening right around you simply because you feel that that love is all you need to exist. But then your heart gets broken and tada you realize that there is another world revolving outside your drunken-in-love kind of self. This is the time where you start to appreciate more the world around you, from your friends who you might be ignoring for the past years you have been in a relationship, your family who you take for granted just to be with your now great ex, and your old self who needs attention and healing of course. In short, you tend to see a new kind of love that has been right at your face all along. And now that you need healing, they come running right at you.

2. You get to heal yourself on your own

One thing about having your heart broken is realizing that there is no other person who could help you get back on your feet but yourself. The moment when you finally reckon that after long weeks of locking yourself up in your room, shutting the rest of the world out, and crying your eyes out, it is practically the best time to go out and start moving on. It is quite a difficult process though, since you never know the exact time to start curing your torn heart, but at least you have learned that whenever it should be, you should start it on your own.

3. You start to value yourself more

Most of the time being in a relationship makes you care for your significant other more than yourself. Well, now that the chapter of your life with him/her is over, you finally get a chance to value yourself more. This is the chance where you get to do things on your own, like watching a movie, eating in a restaurant, or whatever it is that you wish to do on your own. You consider that having no one beside you is practically a good thing since your decisions do not partly depend on another person but on yourself wholly. Your broken heart compels you to see right through yourself and figure that you deserve someone better and that your individuality more than anything else is something that you should treasure, enhance, and love first before loving someone again.

4. You find the inert strength you had all along

Falling in love then failing in love is such a difficult thing to deal with. At first, you would feel like nothing makes sense, and you discern that you are just a one small person in this wide universe where no one, not a single creature care about you; but honestly, this is when one great thing comes up. Since your broken heart pushes you to heal it on your own, you tend to gather all the strength you have within you. You pick up the pieces and reconnect them again. Not only because you have to but because you can. A powerful strength that would surprise you because you never knew you have that ability only until all the shattered dreams and promises of love of your ex-significant other succumb.

5. You get a sense of achievement from moving on

This is probably one of the best things that could ever happen from having your heart severely broken by love. After everything that love has put you through, the tears you shed, the moments you left forever, and the realization that life does not end where your heart gets torn into pieces, you finally gain credit for the efforts you made in fighting the sadness and healing yourself from the pain and mistakes. After successfully loving someone with all your heart and of course getting beaten by it simultaneously, you learn, at last, that from the blossoming of your past love until its end, you have managed to cure whatever it is that you need to cure inside and gear up for the next love you will experience.