5 Reasons Girls Get Obsessed With Each Other


Yes, yes. I’m generalizing here, and only speaking on behalf of women who identify as straight. That’s my disclaimer. Still feel free to yell at me though. It makes me feel young again. Mmmm.

1. They like looking at each other

This is going to sound weird, but hear me out. In my opinion, sexuality absolutely falls on a spectrum and is never black and white, but even if we’re talking with the mentality that a woman is TOTALLY heterosexual and just all about the D, she probably still enjoys looking at beautiful women. On Instagram, I follow tons of stylish mofuckas (I don’t know why I said mofuckas, but I’m sticking with it) and just girls that I look at and think, “Dayum, you working that.” I think it’s the same reason, whether or not we readily admit it, we get obsessed with models and women in the entertainment world. Self-proclaimed heterosexual women talk about the Victoria’s Secret fashion show WAY more than men do. Even if a girl is a hater, she still likes looking. Believe.

2. They understand each other

Women just get each other with certain things. Frustration over cat calling, the feeling of wanting the release of sweet death when you have menstrual cramps, fears and dreams, stupid shit, everything. Women connect over the big things, the small things. And when meeting someone and establishing a connection right away, it’s easy to become (acceptably) obsessed with one another.

3. They’re intimidated

There is not a girl (or human, really) who hasn’t seen or met someone who completely terrified them by just how fucking awesome they seemed. Even women with the strongest sense of self will come across a moment when they meet someone who just seems to have it ALL together. She’s the girl in your discussion section. The girl your ex-boyfriend is now dating. Maybe, she’s just some celebrity you find yourself googling and losing hours on her wikipedia page. She represents everything you wish you were, and this fuels a kind of obsession. Pay attention to if a girl repeatedly talks about someone, especially if it’s in a negative light. She’s hating because she’s intimidated by something that girl is doing or has. And it’s okay for us to admit that sometimes, we get jealous. It’s very human. But try to not explicitly spew hatred. No one likes haterzz.

4. They are comfortable admitting mutual obsessions

How often have you overheard two girls saying, “Oh my god, I’m obsessed with you!” Probably more than once. I know I’m absolutely guilty of leaving that comment on photos of my friends many times, and maybe even throwing in a heart-eyed emoji. Okay…DEFINITELY throwing in a heart-eyed emoji. Girls are way more open to admitting a healthy obsession, and then talking about it. A lot. This is a really reassuring thing to be a part of. It’s an openness to just say how you feel, and not worry that it makes you weird or clingy. No, it’s just two friends totally obsessed with each other. And that’s bizarrely beautiful.

5. One word: Beyoncé

Who run da world? Girls. And, while I wish this statement was actually more accurate (down with patriarchy! Let the pissed of male comments commence!), it’s fun to obsess over each other and the power we all have within. You won’t find a group of people more obsessed with each other than a bunch of women out for girls night. Constant, “I love you so much!!” And the whole recognizing how obsessed they are with one another will be running rampant throughout the evening. It’s like as a child, when you first hear the term girl power. It sticks with us women. And please, don’t ever underestimate that wealth of power.