5 Reasons Guys With Dad Bods Are Awesome


1. He’s Fluffy.

Fluffy feels so nice, particularly now that cuddle season is upon us. Have you ever cuddled with a bag of bones? If you have, you may have come to the conclusion that it’s not comfortable. That extra fluff that dad bod has is legit everything.  Also, he has extra heat in his body, or so it seems, and you will never be cold again! It’s an overall win, if you ask me.

2. You can drown in his clothes.

Guy clothes tends to run big on us ladies, but since dad bod  is a little curvier, his clothes will be really big on you. Oh, to drown in giant hoodies and plain white tees! Every article of clothing he owns can be turned into jammies. Fantastic? You betcha!

3. He’s so trendy right now.

Leonardo Dicaprio, Seth Rogen, Jason Segal, and basically all of Hollywood is rocking the dad bod. Finally, men in Hollywood are looking normal and accessible. Hopefully woman will follow.

4. He likes to eat.

You won’t feel like you have to eat a salad on your first date.  You can be you food-wise without any intimidation. Since he likes to eat, he’ll probably also be a great cook.

5. He’s easygoing.

Dad bod isn’t constantly worrying about the way he looks. In most cases, he’ll keep himself neat, but he’s not spending hours at the gym or constantly looking in the mirror. He isn’t worried about buying protein for his morning shake or talking about how much weight he can bench-press. He’s enjoying life and being happy exactly how he is.