5 Reasons Hairy Dudes Are The Best


1. They are way higher on the no-fucks-given scale. Waxed and shiny might be popular, but they could care less since they’re not into society’s standards of follicle free beauty. Plus they get that bodies grow hair, that women have body hair, and that it’s not gross because we all have it. I stopped being completely hairless when I woke up and realized that I’m a grown ass woman and we have pubic hair and I don’t hate it nor do I wish my vagina to look like that of a prepubescent girl-child. And honestly most hairy dudes prefer it that way. Not to mention I have found they really aren’t huge sticklers on the rest of the strands either. They know it’s impossible to be smooth as silk 24/7.

2. They are hot blooded (check it and see). Body hair kept our ancestors warm and cozy on frosty nights. And in my caveman themed erotic daydreams, they cuddled their women up close on those animal skin beds and she got to take advantage of that seething heat kept close thanks to those bushy men. If you have ever laid in bed with a hairy guy on a hot summer night and tried to even get a half hug in then you know that these guys run fiery hot.

3. Body hair holds scent. Now this is really only a pro if your man has good hygiene and wears cologne that makes you want to jump his bones. It absolutely lasts longer in the sweet caress of chest hair. I even find that the unique natural smell that every man has is stronger with a hairy guy. Scent is fucking powerful. Pheromones exist and I’m pretty certain hairy dudes are probably walking around with a bunch more of them laced into those curly bits.

4. I don’t know about you but my first choice cuddle position is in “the nook”. Just being tucked under your man’s arm, your body pressed right up to his side and your head on his chest listening to that thunderous heartbeat call out your name is pretty much heaven. Having a soft nest of chest hair that smells like woodsman that you can easily run your fingers through is just really the cherry on top. I live for that shit. And consequently the WORST thing is trying to nuzzle your cheek into a prickly shaved/waxed/whatever chest. It’s like a 5 o’clock shadow with 10 times the surface area. Don’t even get me started on when he tries to start grating it against your boobs when you’re getting it on. It’s distracting and painful. No man can be smooth and hairfree all the time, so eventually if you are with a guy who can’t embrace his fuzzy side, you will experience this awful sensation. And then you will beg him to grow it out. Fact.

5. Finally, hairy dudes are manly as fuck. I don’t know if they actually have more testosterone or what, but in my experience (which is enough, trust me) I have found that they are great in bed, down to get wild, can go forever and yet, are surprisingly cuddly. They’re like human teddy bears. And who doesn’t wanna squish one of those on the regular?