5 Reasons It’s Hard To Hurt A Writer


Dating a writer has its ups and down. There is the mushy, cheesy, romantic good side of it, but when things get a little rough, and circumstances define that you’re not meant to last, it’s a different matter. There’s hurting; there’s a long journey of forgetting, and forgiving, but the aftermaths do matter, to be completely honest.

There are just reasons why hurting the rarest breed of humans (us, writers/artists) is never a walk in the park. These humans may do something ridiculous, funny, or ridiculously funny at the same time.

Why not? They are who they are.

1. He may write about you.

But not everything he will write is about you. He can be the character played by Ethan Hawke on “Before Sunrise” trilogy who wrote about his encounter with the character played by Julie Delpy. He can definitely write about you, but just because he can does not mean he should. Just to be clear.

2. He can think of the many ways he wants to kill you in his stories.

You may be the next antagonist or protagonist of his story, whatever he feels like doing. Wouldn’t that be nice? You’re (somewhat) important! You may want to read it, I bet.

3. Every detail of your relationship is clear as glass, as detailed as a leaf’s vein, but hurts so deep as a knife.

A writer’s memory of small details that matter will never (ever) be forgotten. From the first date, what you wore, how awkward that was, up to the moment when you’re not there for him during his lowest point of misery. Everything is well documented. Just take a look at his journal and his messy handwriting. Surely, there’s more in his shelves of you and your adventures.

4. Forgiving is necessary, forgetting is an option.

It will take time to heal wounds. Yes, time heals (some) wounds, heartbreak included. He can definitely forgive you, but he can hardly forget you. Just look how great Taylor Swift’s songs are. Who forgets someone who has made an impact in one’s life in the most transformative way possible? No one.

You will always be a writer’s inspiration or perspiration – whatever the situation is.

Some unnecessary parts of the relationship may have been kissed away or buried down under, but there will be tidbits – and those tidbits are the most important memories unforgotten, inerasable, irreplaceable ones. Those things have weight.