5 Reasons It’s Okay To Be ‘Just Friends’


1. It’s fun. Friendships are playful, they don’t have to last long and therefore they somehow do. They’re almost more carefree than the most summery of romances, and your ability to be candid with the other person also means either one of you can say what’s on your mind. Even if it means one of you has fallen for the other. Once in love, however, it’s much harder to tell said person that you don’t feel the same way anymore.

2. You don’t have to please them at your own expense. So many relationships revolve on sacrifice nowadays that it’s rare to see a happy couple that doesn’t begrudge each other in some way. To me, this is the beginning of the end. Friends over ends, for days.

3. Deeper conversations. If you don’t become ‘just friends’ with someone you’ve dated or even hooked up with, I definitely recommend getting on that level regardless. There’s a familiarity that comes with communicating, knowing there isn’t some tacit deal on the back burner of their mind.

4. If they’re simply not attracted to you. This one is one of the hardest to accept, but once you do, you’ll regain the ability to see your most wonderful qualities again, reflected in someone who cares deeply about you… Just not that way. Or maybe just not enough for something amazing to work– which you totally deserve– just not with them.

5. Remember: you can still be with them without BEING with them. When you’re lonely, come back to this note, cherish your relationships with people, but cherish yourself and if you’re single, your independence. You don’t have to be lonely. And, as a wise woman once told me, it doesn’t have to hurt.