5 Reasons Men Are Completely Turned On By Great Conversation


1. Stimulating conversation is hard to find

My parents always talk about how communication was back in the day. Back when you actually had to be a good conversationalist to keep someone interested. They couldn’t rely on Snapchat or IG to check each other out whenever they wanted. What’s our generation’s story going to be? We texted with emojis to make small talk and sent endless “hey’s” on Tinder to girls we’ve never met? Having a meaningful conversation is becoming more and more challenging to find. It’s something us guys find value in so when we  find it we will surely hold on to it.

2. We follow where your mind wanders

I love to hear people’s stories. Plain and simple. So when guys ask you to, “tell us about yourself” it’s because we want a story. When you ask us to be more specific with the question, it takes away the excitement of the conversation because we will no longer be as surprised by your answer. You are basically asking us to give you a predefined box to put your response in. No one likes being put in a box so why ask that of us in a conversation? Instead, blurt out whatever unfiltered mess that comes to mind because we will appreciate your authenticity.

3. We love when you can work a room

Nothing is sexier than being with a woman who isn’t afraid to be in a crowd of unknowns while maintaining the confidence to have a conversation. Even if you’re an introvert, being able to be with a new group of people, not alongside your significant other and still be comfortable is attractive. Conversation is verbal and non-verbal so you don’t always have to be speaking to be a good conversationalist.

4. “Pillow talk” adds a level of intimacy

There are two things most guys don’t like to do but we’ll do it regularly if you’re special to us: 1. Give you our food. 2. Have pillow talk. For the sake of this article, pillow talk is the conversation in bed after sex. It’s rare that a guy willingly stays awake for this conversation because most of the time we are already half asleep. However, if you can get us to perk up and have a conversation at this point then you have a gift. You have basically taken us from a drowsy depth to a relatively intellectual height simply by speaking. And let’s be real, you can only have but so much sex so adding this level of intimacy deepens the connection.

5. Knowing your passions challenges us to be better men

Today we get so caught up in where we went to school, what car we drive, what social status we hold, etc. However, we want to know what motivates you, what your passions are and what things you feel you can’t live without. Revealing these personal details about yourself will make us think about what intrinsically motivates us. Our thoughts provoke action. Turning us on isn’t always sexual. Turning us on can be turning us around to a different side of ourselves we would have never seen if you made the choice to stay silent.

Change the game by not being afraid to tell us who you are and what you’re about. That form of conversation will turn on and area in our mind, body and soul that sex can’t even compete with.