5 Reasons New Year’s Resolutions STILL Matter


Prepare your pen and paper, ladies and gents. It is the time we all have been waiting for – a traditional and almost cliché New Year’s Resolution. Sure, there will be those high-brow critics trying to argue that New Year’s Resolution need not to happen because, “if you want to resolve something, you need not to wait for another year to make it happen.”

Point taken, people. But still, as you read this post, you were already thinking how your year went, and what matters you need to achieve by 2015. Admit it. Forget your negative side. We all need to improve! We all need these reasons to believe why New Year Resolutions STILL matter:

  1. Resolutions are reflective, contemplative acts for the soul. This holiday season is the ultimate time to RE-everything: renew/revisit/refresh the entire year that has been vividly memorable and heartwarming. Resolutions also make us think and rethink, learn and unlearn from our mistakes. We have been working this year and we deserve to list down every single detail that we are truly grateful for, even the things we want to do as we embark on another year.
  2. Change is good. Good is what we deserve. If you are the type of person who tirelessly aims to improve, learns from his mistakes, and wants to be a better version of his yesterdays’ best, then coming up with a list is just a walk in the park. Chances are, you’d definitely aim to make those list turn to reality – be it learning how to drive, improving your vocabulary, or reuniting with long lost friends, I am with you.
  3. 2014 was not your year – come New Year’s Resolutions for 2015. Or maybe, you have been painstakingly trying to achieve your annual goals since 2011 (or 2012…or even the year after) that they were carried over last year. You know you still want to achieve them by 2015. You got some persistence there, mate. Keep going. That’s what resolutions are for – not giving up until we hit jackpot! Fit in that dress before prom, or save up for the next iPhone, name them, and achieve!
  4. Making list makes you believe that 2015 is your year. Yes, claim it. Claim and believe, for that is one thing that matters why resolutions turn into reality.
  5. Making a tangible list of your ideas for 2015 is already a halfway journey to success. Looking at your list, ticking them one by one as time flies – what else is more rewarding than that, right? Just think of the alphabet, if plan A does not work, heck, there’s B to Z! There’s more in store! Keep writing those goals! More years are ahead of you!

Just remember: making your new year’s resolution need not to be so long. Keep is short, reasonable, specific, measurable and most importantly, attainable. Don’t write there ambiguous matters like world peace. Start within you; make small acts that can impact the bigger picture in the long run. Happy New Year to you!