5 Reasons Our Gal Pals Are The Glue That Holds Life Together


There are so many days to celebrate being in a relationship – from anniversaries to life achievements. But how many days are there that give us the chance to reach out and tell our best gals how much they mean to us? There are those random days of appreciation showing, and there are the constant conversations and text threads, advice giving, bitching sessions and general catching up. There are some that still write letters (which I love).

I think we all appreciate and love on our best friends on a regular basis – but hey, why not say it again today. To all my ladies – you are my rocks, I love ya’ll.

1. They are the best support system

There is nothing quite like the support of your best friends. They are there to cheer with you on happy occasions, be a shoulder to cry on during sad times, and are there for every boring and interesting point along the way. Who else would have porch talks with you at 4am for no reason?

2. You have an unbreakable bond

There are so many quotes that talk about the difference between friends and best friends, and I find most of them to be true. Friends are great – but your best friends know you inside and out, they have seen your worst, your best and everything in-between. You can’t hide feelings from them if you try, and they don’t want you to. When times are bad they yell at you “Hey I’m life and I’m biting you in the ass” and they drag you back out of your shell and into the limelight.

3. Realism

For all of their love and support, they are not afraid to put you in your place when you need it. Ever afraid that you are acting crazy? Put it out there for your ladies – you will know definitively as soon as you look at their faces. Think your situation is the worst in the world? They will always put it in perspective.

4. They keep you humble

Remember the time you threw up on your curtains? Or the time that you slept with a hushpuppy in your bed? How about when you couldn’t get the sparkles out of your hair for three weeks? How about the time you let your best friend convince you to feed pigeons? Or the time you rolled in the grass and sat on a cigarette? Your virginity losing story? Now you do. It’s important to learn to laugh at yourself – these are the ladies that help you learn how.

5. Distance is Irrelevant

Remember that feeling that you had when you left high school? And then when you left college? (if you aren’t there yet count yourselves lucky). The nerves that you felt as you blindly wandered into the world and thought to yourself “who am I without these women by my side?” I have some news for you – distance does not matter. Those friendships will always be there, some may even grow stronger.

Cheers ladies – Here’s to Galentines Day.

image – Flickr / Jinx!