5 Reasons Ryan Gosling Would Make The Perfect Husband


I’m not big on relationships. Nothing against them, I just don’t get into many. Actually, I don’t get into any… my last and only real relationship (if you can call it that) was in high school. It was real at the time, okay. Regardless, there are plenty of reasons I haven’t committed to a relationship since, but that would call for a whole blog post of its own so maybe another time. The point is, right now I can’t imagine being in a relationship but there is one person I would make the sacrifice for: Ryan Gosling.

Let’s highlight why Ryan Gosling is the most attractive 33-year-old alive. Below are 5 reasons Ryan Gosling will make the perfect husband.

5. The Notebook.

There really is no need to elaborate, but just for fun let us briefly reminisce on this motion picture. Demonstrating the perfect combination of what makes up sexy, Noah seems a little quiet and reserved until he surprises us all with his bold and romantic gestures to woo Allie. Not only does the cuteness continue throughout their summer romance, but even after he first loses her until they finally reconnect. If nothing else, proving to all the hopeless romantics out there that we should continue to believe in true love. Furthermore, at the end, we know it’s Noah reading to Allie even though she doesn’t remember… something we attribute to Ryan Gosling making him “oh so sentimental” too. There’s all too many other cute, sexy and memorable scenes from The Notebook – but you get the point.
The Notebook really doesn’t effect Ryan… but it’s such a classic and he must have learned a thing or two from playing Noah – don’t you think?

4. He keeps good company.

He always has. His roommate during the Mickey Mouse Club was another not-so-bad looking fella – Justin Timberlake. Let’s just imagine these two in one room together… yes, now you understand. I will forever cherish “til death do us part” with Ryan, but it doesn’t hurt for him to have good looking friends.

3. He’s ambitious.

He expresses interests outside of his acting career. He donates to numerous charities (including PETA, Invisible Children and SickKids Foundation). He is in a band. He owns a Moroccan restaurant. He’s a director. I need my husband to be well rounded – check!

2. He’s easy going.

Ryan doesn’t hold grudges against his exes. You bet he doesn’t wander around with an entourage. He even say she enjoys his alone time. A man who is laid back and understands, could it get any more perfect?

1. He’s committed.

Not only in the sense that he lived with his co-star and on-screen daughter prior to filming Blue Valentine just to make sure the dynamic was real for the movie, BUT he has also been committed to Eva Mendes for about two years now. I know what you’re thinking, but everyone needs a long term, committed relationship before the one they stay in for the rest of their lives… don’t they? Well, he has practice for when we get together. Look on the bright side, people.

Bonus reason: he is just genuinely so darn cute. Sure, hot, sexy, chiseled… they all apply. When you’re committing long term though, I think his consistent cuteness is something to note.

image – friskytuna