5 Reasons Tennis Players Are Perpetually Single


In a recent Twitter Q&A with fans, the tennis world’s reigning queen Serena Williams revealed that she’s not single by choice and “desperately” wants to settle down. While comments like that pulled at my racket strings a bit, it got me thinking: If the best in her field can’t find a match off the court, is there any hope for the rest of us single tennis players? So for all those who play tennis and are wondering why you still haven’t found your doubles partner, I’ve come up with five reasons why you might still be single. If anything, this list could make you feel better about being more dedicated to your return of serve than a relationship.

1. It’s all about you

You chose not to play a team sport for a reason. You’re a little bit narcissistic and selfish, but hey — it’s not your fault you spend so much time alone. From private lessons to singles matches, there’s a lot of “me time” in your life and you’re not used to sharing that with someone else. So while being perpetually single sucks, at least you’ll always have a backboard you can hit on.

2. You’re disagreeable

All tennis players have questioned their opponent’s calls before and it’s commonplace on the court to ask: “Are you sure that was out?” By nature, tennis players are untrusting and we always suspect a cheat instead of assuming the other person is playing by the rules of the game. Not exactly a great mindset to have when beginning a relationship.

3. You’re a perfectionist

Tennis players obsess about the details and overanalyze everything. From our service game to our short-court strategy, we’re perfectionists to the core. By no means should you lower your standards when searching for a significant other, but stop fixating on every little flaw. Don’t lie — you totally noticed the way he leaves takeout in the fridge for months at a time and this might just be break point for you.

4. You have an attitude problem

It’s no secret that tennis players can get a little emotional on the court and that definitely carries into our personal lives as well. How many times have you smashed your racket over a simple mistake? Okay, maybe you’re not that extreme in your dating life, but you sometimes let your temper snap. No one wants John McEnroe in their bedroom unless he’s providing commentary from the safe, virtual barrier of the television set.

5. You’re kind of self-conscious about those tan lines

When the majority of your days are spent wearing athletic gear, dressing up for a first date can seem daunting — mainly because you can’t find something attractive that also covers up your pronounced tan lines. Even though it’s winter, those white marks haven’t faded unless you’ve submitted yourself to the UV radiation of indoor cancer beds. Sure, you can conceal your tan lines with a scarf and sweater, but what happens after dinner …