5 Reasons To Celebrate Your Single Life


This summer will mark two years of me being labeled as really, unashamedly single. During this time, I have dated a few people, but I haven’t had anything close to what I’d consider a boyfriend or someone I’m “serious about” and, to be honest, I don’t really see that changing anytime soon. Other than some instances (New Year’s parties, weddings, and whenever my Grandma asks why I’m alone at Christmas again), I kind of dig it. I’m a pretty independent person, like being able to do whatever, and really value that aspect about my life and personality. I think sometimes we forget how much fun it can be to be on our own. Too often it’s easy to fall into this trap of comparing ourselves to people in relationships and it makes us kind of hate on our single selves. I’m guilty of this, my other single ladies (come on I HAD to make one Beyoncé reference) are guilty of this — we all do it. So let’s turn off He’s Just Not That Into You, put away the stereotypes, and celebrate who we are and what we have — now put your hands UP! (Okay that was the last Beyoncé reference I promise.)

1. Sleeping alone.

Cuddling is overrated. Sorry, but it really has to be said. What is not overrated is not having another person around to compete with for blankets, someone whose sleeping noises you’re forced to drown out, or someone to be kicked by when you’re just trying to sleep. I don’t know about you, but I love making a nest out of nine pillows, curling up with my computer or a book and just zenning-the-eff-out. Sure it’s fine to do that with another person but it’s really not the same. I’ve also found that incompatible sleeping habits lead to some really passive aggressive mornings. And I’m not about that “Well SOMEONE stole the covers last night” life, when I’m just trying to get ready for work. Sleeping alone is my fave.

2. Having no one to check in with when you want to do something.

Technically I know that when you’re with someone you still are not “obligated” to tell him or her you’re going to go to Vegas with your friends in May. But let’s all acknowledge that if you have a serious SO, especially if you live together and rely on each other for financial things, it’d be pretty rude not to ask them what they think of your trip or, you know, if they want to come. But when you’re single you just book it! You buy the plane ticket, you get the hotel, and it’s nobody’s damn business if you decide you’re going to spend 48 hours doing nothing but drinking mojitos and getting sunburned. This applies to smaller-scale situations too, like not having to remember to ask if he or she would like to tag along to brunch. Being responsible for only yourself is refreshing and awesome.

3. Everything in your apartment is yours.

You can buy the “Hell yeah!” poster at Urban Outfitters and no one can tell you it’s stupid. You can get the moose curtains from Ikea that are quirky but make you feel like Zooey Deschanel and no one can give you the stank eye. And you can put that kind of strange French bulldog statue you thrifted in your entertainment center because you aren’t making room for an Xbox. Your space is 100% your own and you can make it a 550 square foot representation of you and nobody else. Plus, you aren’t getting into an argument about getting a Reservoir Dogs poster framed. So that’s cool too.

4. Sex-ploration.

I know this isn’t for everyone, but hear me out. When you’re single, the world of people is kind of like a buffet that you get to try out and, in doing so, figure out what you like and what does it for you. If you’re focused on really making headways in your career, sometimes you just don’t have time for a full time relationship. Non-committal sex can be a really great way to figure out some things, have a great time, and all while still fulfilling your desires. As I said above, I totally get that this is not for every person and it certainly may not be your thing — and that’s fine! But the idea that single girls only get consistently off with a vibrator is just bullshit.

I am 100% single, not looking to change that, and still have a healthy (and safe!), active sex life. And please note: it’s also the best sex I’ve had in my life thus far.

5. You have exponentially more time for your friends.

Cultivating strong friendships, especially when you’re in your twenties and you’re going through life transitions, is really important. These are the family members you choose. They become your emergency contacts, the people you look forward to seeing at the end of the work day; they become your home away from home. It can be extremely difficult to form these bonds with people while you’re also trying to juggle your career, yourself, and a boyfriend/girlfriend. You deserve good friends and you have to be a good friend to have good friends.

Plus, when/if a significant someone does enter the picture, your friends will be there to analyze every text message you get, gush with you, and listen to you whine, giggle and freak out every step of the way.