5 Reasons We Should Stop Trying To Make Democracy Happen


1. It Is All About Being A People’s Person.

It is only human nature to go for the more affable choice. Who wants a solemn and rigid leader? We all want someone fun and whom we feel connected to. It is the one who makes voters feel appreciated and noticed – often by words of affirmation – who manage to touch the hearts of the people. No doubt, such candidates have commendable people-skills and receive endless love in response. However, it is also safe to say that we may end up blinded by their sweet words trying to curry our favor, and overlook the silent ones. Sometimes, the silent ones have much to offer. They are only to blame for their reserved and stoic nature. But for that, they take on the burden of being the underdog, the less-preferred choice.

2. Everyone Just Wants To Have Fun.

College and universities often conduct election campaigns for their clubs. Obviously, we go for the candidate who promises us fun – good ol’ alcohols and parties do the trick. Who bothers about the look of your CV or what social justice goals you have?

3. ‘Buying’ The Votes.

Over centuries and generations, there have been various examples of successes under a rigid and stern leadership. Left to the people’s own choice, do the people know what is best for them?

Indeed, a person connected to the community will know the roots of the problems and understand the needs of the people better. In a democratic society, a leader needs votes and the people’s election to lead. How then can they remain immune against pressure from the people’s demands? We need a leader who will not bow down to pressure to make decisions just to maintain popularity and win the votes. Various leaders are motivated by decisions that will keep them in favor of the people. Their actions are bound by concerns to win favor; it would be difficult to make wise decisions. Like a parent berating a child, should a parent not discipline the child for ill behavior just so the child would not cry or run to the other parent? Parents often know what’s best for their child. Be it their life experiences or that they are able to see things that a crying and immature child is unable to. A child is often consumed with the idea of getting what he wants; he forgets to consider other aspects. Tiger mums often bring up successful children. Tough love is necessary for success.

4. It Is About Connections.

Given a choice between a friend and a stranger, whom would you vote? Using this theory, the wider your connections, the higher the chance of your success. How many of us dare say we will undertake an unbiased point of view and carefully scrutinise each’s capabilities to make our choice?

5. It Really Isn’t About Merits And Capabilities.

At the end of the day, it is always about whom the more popular candidate is, who has an attractive and colorful campaign. The phrase ‘still water runs deep’ rings true more often than not. If one is truly able, he does not need his abilities blown up and put on a blinking LED board. Sad to say, our current society only bothers with what is obvious to them. And that is why products with in-your-face advertisements often sell. We are blinded by what others say is good for us, but fail to look beyond the words and promises of goodness.