5 Reasons Why I’m Not Ready For Marriage Or Kids


I, like many had a plan in my head of how my future was going to look. I had the man already, and envisioned daily, the house, the kids, and the life, I WAS going to have. Funny thing is- sometimes life throws up a big middle finger to your plans and then there you are dumbfounded, twiddling your thumbs and starting from scratch. After months of analyzing and over analyzing and trying my best to piece together the remnants of what my life NOW is, I realized it was a Godsend because I am in no way ready for THAT life and here’s why.

1. Children?? I still fight with my own siblings. I realize I am a 23 year old woman with a career. I am often in charge of hundreds of people and have things like “bills” and a “401K plan” (begrudgingly). Yet, that doesn’t stop me from saying things like “she’s a spoiled little brat Mom, and I am going to smack her” to my thirteen year old sister. CLEARLY, clearly, not ready for motherhood.

2. Granted I have to play an adult every day at work – that is pretty much the extent of my adult understanding. I have no idea half of the things people around me talk about.. I am not ready to “budget” my life out or do five year planning.. My most recent five year plan was right before college and It was called “Don’t get pregnant.”

3. Pretty much, I currently have no stereotypical “wife” characteristics to bring to the table. I don’t cook and I clean only when it’s absolutely necessary.( I don’t even make my bed in the morning and I am incapable of brushing my teeth without getting toothpaste all over the place) Someone recently said to me..” you really don’t know what a Dyson vacuum cleaner is?” Um..no bitch I don’t, it’s really not currently on the list of things I give a fuck about.

4. I still want to do DUMB things. Yes, let the judgment ensue. I want to get drunk and stay out until 3AM and throw up on my neighbors lawn now and again. I want to make out with strangers here and there. I want to go out on occasion and wake up the next day thinking whatever I did was extremely stupid but I had SO MUCH FUN doing it and then nurse my hangover with McDonalds and watch Lifetime for 6 hours. You just can’t do that forever.

5. I want to have a good deal of TIME in my life where I do things solely because I want to do them. Sure, people can be married and have families and do what they want- BUT I believe you should at least feel inclined to CONSIDER those around you. When you’re single you only truly need to worry about you and that eventually will (should) change when you are a wife and mother. If I want to spend $1000 on concert tickets this summer and drool over Luke Bryan in three different states- I’m going to do it.