5 Reasons Why Pain Has Been My Best Teacher So Far


Pain teaches us to depend on God.

Pain is inevitable, we must bear that in mind. We will have to endure so many painful events in life. Be it in relationships, work or life itself. You may feel the unfair treatment of life pouring out all the pain in you but hold on and always remember in those moments, God is with you. You just have to call on Him. Depend on Him. Anchor everything you do in your life to His plans for if you do that, every pain will be worth it.

Pain teaches us to be strong.

God’s response to our call is not always immediate. It’s not always obvious. Most of the times, He helps us go through our obstacles in life in His most subtle ways. So we need to be strong. Be spiritually strong. You have to keep going and keep on believing that God is at work. In life, the strongest people are not those who always win their battles. Instead, people who keep on overcoming their life battles in spite of many losses and failures are the strongest. They are the strongest because they know that behind those losses and failures, God is the one battling for them and He will win soon enough. They just have to believe in Him.

Pain teaches us to appreciate success and all the other good things in life.

Success is not a one-day-process. For others, success may take a year and for some, it may take them a lifetime. No matter how long time one puts through for that ‘success’, there’s one thing in common – they all need to get through the painful parts. Only after that you can say that you worked hard for your success. Only after that you can say that you risked everything for success. Only after that you can say that you succeed through sweat and blood. But only after these painful things you’ll begin to appreciate the real meaning of success. You’ll begin to appreciate every little good thing in your life because you know that those little things are blessings from Him. Those little good things are your keys to success. Without those little good things like a smile from a friend, a hug from your family, a cheer up gesture from your partner, the mountain of success will be really hard to climb.

Pain teaches others through testimonies.

Every pain will be much worthy if you use it to help and teach others. Be a living testimony. Make your pain their living proof that God is with us during these painful moments in life and He will never leave us. It may take too long for the pain to subside but He remains faithful to us and soon enough, every pain will be just a testimony for us because we have overcome it.

Pain teaches us to respond in love.

Pain teaches us to respond in love because we know now that anger and hatred will do us no good. It won’t heal our scars from those painful tragedies in life. What we need to do is respond in love so that other people may see just how God wants us to respond to pain. He wants us to do the same just as He responds to us through love. He loves us so much that He makes all our pain bearable by being with us and not letting us endure alone.

So keep in mind that along with all these pain, He is and will always be with us.