5 Reasons Why People End Up Settling In Their Relationships


How many times have you been caught in a never ending cycle of “what ifs” and “I wish”? It is time to stop this madness and face one simple fact. You can either live the life you want filled with adventure, excitement, and astonishing moments. Or you can remain forsakenly dream-less, but comfortable. Why do we do this to ourselves when we know that we can achieve a new level of fulfillment and if nothing else plain downright happiness if we commit to our dreams? I will tell you why!

1. It remains only as a dream.

It is a nice thought that you think to yourself every once in while with no belief that it is within your reach. Why isn’t it within your reach? Is there something similar that is? Then why aren’t you investing your energy in something that is important to your ultimate happiness in life! If you are of the belief that we live only once and you have a dream. What are you waiting for?

2. You want the universe to defy all and just give you what you want.

No one is entitled to anything. Let me repeat myself, you don’t DESERVE for all your dreams to come true because you are a good person, go to church, or have been through enough crap that it is your time for good to happen. Wouldn’t it be nice if this was the case. Working hard, having the right attitude, and demonstrating resilience might help you out a bit more in life, but there are still never any guarantees. The only person that can make dreams come true in your life…is yourself! This responsibility should never fall on anyone else. So stop blaming others for your downfalls and make it happen.

3. Fear of who we will become.

Our comfort zone is forever snuggly and along the way we miss the opportunity for us to live the life we could only have imagined. We are afraid of the change, of the transition to the new you, and the many things you might also potentially lose along the way. If you are scared to be the person you’ve always longed to be and that’s what’s stopping you, then it may be time for you to do some deep self-reflection. No one else will have those answers but you, and the least you owe to yourself is to figure out why you aren’t currently striving to reach your dreams.

4. We don’t know how to get through the hurdles.

Giving up. This starts from training your brain. When we go into something that has a potential for greatness already predicting failure, we sell ourselves short. Then, it becomes a continuous cycle of self-fulfilling prophecies until you have no motivation left to begin something in the first place. Plan for hurdles, reward yourself for the minute accomplishments because those are important too. Accept that you’re human and part of living is making mistakes and learning from them. And that achieving your dream is always absolutely worth the hurdles. Always.

5. We don’t dream in the first place.

What is going to fulfill you? What is that thing that makes you passionate? Now that is something to think about. It gives us a path. It gives us a purpose. It makes us who we are and separates us as the unique beings we all should define ourselves as. It makes our life feel fuller, more meaningful, and really, who doesn’t want to live a more meaningful and fuller life?

Here’s a little challenge for you. Take 30 seconds and actually visualize one dream of yours that you may have always had. What are your surroundings? Recognize the feelings that are associated with achieving it. Who is there in that moment with you? What does that feel like? What you want to do with that vision, only you can decide. That’s the first step.