5 Reasons Why Rainy Days Are All You Really Need


5. Netflix

Okay so it doesn’t have to be Netflix in particular, but you get my point. One of the most comforting things in life is wrapping yourself in two or three (or ten) blankets, curling up on the sofa, opening a huge family sized pack of nachos and binge watching a series whilst it pours down outside! Whenever plans get cancelled because of the weather I always try to watch a movie that everyone else has seen but me. It crosses something off my list and it adds movie trivia to my already vast knowledge (I only recently watched Shawshank Redemption and True Romance — I know, I’m a terrible person). So are you a middle aged man who hasn’t seen Twilight yet? Let your inner sparkly vampire out and break out the box-set next time it rains!

4. Raindrops on your window

The sound of rain hitting your windows. Now I don’t know about you but for me one of the most relaxing things is to be inside all warm and cozy whilst rain drops hit the window panes around the house. There’s something about that sound that is just soothing. Don’t worry I’m not talking about those heavy drops that you fear might just crack the glass and send you to a watery death, no, I’m talking about the calm rain that is almost like an orchestra. It near enough sends me to sleep, which to be honest isn’t ideal when I’m trying to binge watch Gossip Girl for the 4th time but hey maybe a nap is what I needed right? HA when is a nap not needed? Next time it rains listen to that tiny orchestra play on your windows and appreciate it whilst you doze off on your couch dreaming about all the things you love like cat videos on YouTube and pizza. Okay now I want pizza.

3. Raindrop racing

Okay, let me start by saying if you’ve never done this in your life then you are missing out big time. I’ll set the scene for any newcomers to raindrop racing. Picture this, it’s pure hell outside, you can’t even see 5 feet in front of your window, rain is pounding at the glass, you think there’s no hope left for humanity but wait, what’s this? Two drops, side by side close to the top of the pane. At first they’re going the same speed, both heading for glory but wait, left drop is starting to pick up the pace, it pulls out in front, laughing back at right drop. It looks like it’s all over but out of nowhere right drop injects some speed into its game and you now find yourself stood up, screaming for right drop, willing it to pull off the victory of a lifetime. Your family are behind you trying to pull you away but you shake them off, right drop is almost there, it’s neck and neck now, half an inch of window to go, RIGHT DROP WINS, THE CROWD (you) GOES WILD, NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME. Need I say anything else? This also works in the shower, for those of you without window

2. Rainbows

I know some of you are probably like “Dude, seriously?” But have you ever seen a rainbow and not thought or said “oh look, a rainbow!”? Exactly, rainbows are awesome and do you know what’s better than a rainbow? A DOUBLE RAINBOW! Plus we all know that if you have the time to go to the end of a rainbow you will be greeted by a pot of gold so what’s not to love right? Pretty colours, free gold, you can’t turn that down. I love rainbows, but probably not as much as the guy in the video on the right, enjoy!


1. Travis

“Who’s Travis?” you’re probably wondering. Well, Travis are a band from the UK who released the hit song ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me’ back in 1999 and quite frankly the song is awesome. Where do rainy days come into this? Say it’s pouring it down, you’re sad, your mom won’t let you buy anymore Pokémon cards and you can’t find the remote so you’re stuck watching Jerry Springer re-runs, hoping that it would all somehow end. You just need to let off a little steam, but what do you do? You plug in your speakers, you put this song on, you run outside and be dramatic as hell. You sing the words whilst sinking to your knees, digging your nails into the dirt, cursing the heavens above. No? Too dramatic? Anyway, enjoy the song!